22 May 2006

Why Russia?

Early classification lessons teach children to group things broadly and then more specifically. In the game twenty questions it's sensible to start by determining animal, vegetable or mineral. Charades begins with a genre.

In the world of adoption, the first distinction made is between domestic and international adoption. People choose to adopt internationally for a variety of reasons. Some feel drawn to a particular culture. Some have been given a heart for the children of their ancestors. Some think it will be an easier journey (I'm certain those people are disabused of that notion quickly!). So, for me, why international adoption? Why Russia?

For me, there was never a question. I have never considered domestic adoption. While I know that it is a less expensive, potentially easier path, it is not where my heart has been led. I have been interested in Russian history since I discovered the biography of Anna Anderson in seventh grade. That started a period of reading about Russian history, culture, and current events. There was a mystery and a romance to Russia that appealed to my junior high self. I quickly took the Romanovs to heart. I admired the tenacity of the people. I longed to visit Soviet Russia and see what exactly was going on there.

About that same time, I decided to adopt. (Why I decided that at the age of 13 is a story for another time.) So perhaps it is natural that the two merged--my interest in Russia and my desire to adopt.

One added bonus in this process is the virtual friends I've made from around the world. There truly is an international adoption community. I am grateful for their wisdom and support. I welcome the experiences shared by those who walked a similar path before me. And, it's great to actually have comments on the blog!! So, my virtual friends, welcome!! Please come back again and again. Thank you all--old friends and new, virtual friends and family-- for joining me on this journey.



votemom said...

on this journey of international adoption, one needs all the virtual friends one can get!

Anonymous said...


So glad things are moving forward for you! Can't wait to see your journey unfold.

Rhyne & Jake said...

Kate, I am so glad that you joined our virtual world! I so enjoy (and need!!) your "insider" wisdom and passion to help me better understand the culture our children come from. Thank you!!!