17 December 2010

from the 2nd grade blog

Anna wrote:
Yesterday we started to learn about Antarctica. We even riten facts about Antarctica.

We saw two man on the roof. One was choping of the iceicles we called him Mr.Ice Man and the other man was shufuling the snow off the roof we called him Mr.Snow Man. And when Mr.Ice Man choped off the last iceicle... We shouted all together... " Good job Mr.Ice Man!!!"


Debbie said...

Cool! Not bad for some lunchtime entertainment. I sure hope no one was standing at the base of the building!

Tammy said...

HA! Good job Snow Man and Ice Man! Even though your upcoming move is a good one for you you are going to miss all the crazy entertainment! I can't imagine walking on ice on those roofs!

beckyww said...

Wayyyyyy cool!

Tina in CT said...

I can't wait to hear about Lapland as I would love to go to that
Santa resort - never will get there so have to live it through you.

Merry Christmas!