16 April 2011

jobs. a conversation.

Lexi, do you want to help me pick out a card to send for the new baby?

No. My job is to play.

You're right. That is your job. But you're not doing it. You're sitting on the couch.

And your job is to be in the kitchen.

Really? Doing what?

Making food while I play.

And what food should I make?

Chicken nuggets and...I just can't remember.

(But it did get her up and off the couch. And I went to make supper. I'm not telling if it was nuggety or not.)


Lindsay said...

I'm kind of looking forward to Hannah being old enough to go cook for me, so I can play :)

Hope the holiday was fab!

beckyww said...

Woman! Make me a sammich!

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

Ha! Too funny :)