09 August 2008


1. The floors are *not* wood. They are plastic. They are photographs of wood put on plastic. I was surprised at how nice they looked in the photos. They don't look or feel nice in person.

2. No sun really is a big deal for me. It's August and I've been treating SAD for the last six weeks. I know what to do--get out, exercise, eat a banana, take some St. John's wort. But, the thing is, when you're in the middle of SAD, sometimes that seems too hard. Sometimes you just want to sit around in your pajamas...and you wonder how necessary a shower really is. (But, if you don't shower, you won't go out and take a walk or buy bananas. Tricky, eh? It all hinges on the bathroom. Get to the bathroom--that's where both the shower and the St. John's wort are.)

Mind over matter. Get up. Move. Clean. Eat. Do. I just have to be much more purposeful about these things when there is no sun. And sometimes I do just sit in my pajamas--but not two days in a row. I wonder, if I'm treating myself like it's January now, what January in this flat will actually be like.

3. I'm glad you liked my cozification of the living room. I do, too. It's a nice place to sit around in your pajamas. ;>


Rachael said...

Well, I think having a child to hang out with you in your sunless flat next January would make all the difference in the world. Fingers crossed. It could happen.

Tina in CT said...

How about buying one of those lamps for people that have problems with lack of sun during winter months?

Allison B said...

Yes, I agree about the lamp. I found the short, cloudy days of German winters hard to take. I never bought one of the special lamps, but did get a couple of halogen lamps. They put out a bright light, up toward the ceiling, that gives the whole room a nice even light. It REALLY made a difference in my mood.

Or, a kid or 2 to share the flat with would probably help, too!