30 September 2008


Votemom's objection re: infrequent posting is duly noted.

However, as previously stated:

a. I am crazy-busy with Seussical.
b. There is nothing else going on here. We're just in a holding pattern.
c. Even if there were adoption news, due to the unusual circs, I couldn't tell you much.
d. I'll tell you what I can when I can.

So, the objection is overruled.



Annie said...

Well, it's STILL annoying! I know that life in St. P is far more interesting and upbeat than life in Lansing, Michigan.

Busy with a play, though - that I understand.

Tami said...

Sigh. But I miiiiissss you! (If the objections don't get to you, maybe the whining will?! :)
BTW - My word verification is adopftk...Adopt four totally (awesome) kids? Hmmmm....give it a thought.

Tina in CT said...

Missed updates. Hopefully you will have wonderful news before the holidays as an early Christmas present!

Hope all is going well with your play.

votemom said...

i am offended. i don't like to be overruled. i am a controlling mother, after all.

happy to see an update today - and a happy update at that. hooray for positive steps.