30 December 2009

plates in question

I just e-mailed this to Essie, and thought it might be of interest to other readers new to the car saga:

I have red, diplomatic plates on my car. The head of the consulate motorpool says it's pretty common to have them stolen--that even white plates get stolen often. (Who knew? Not me. I thought it was pretty ballsy for them to steal red plates and that there'd be big trouble if they were caught.)

They're starting the process now--and looking into a temporary plate (unheard of) or a stamped letter of permission to drive (also unheard of) at my request. Both seem like good ideas...

The consulate is open today and tomorrow and then is closed for the next week. So let's hope something gets started or even sorted (a girl can hope) in the next two days.

A friend had his (red) plates stolen over the summer. (It took him 5 weeks to get new ones.) He said someone told him that it might be people trying to get goods across the border--use the dip plates once, leaving immediately after you've taken them so they're not yet reported stolen, and then discard them.

He's been stopped to prove he has dip privileges just while driving around with his new plates, so it must be becoming more of an issue.

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Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

That would make sense. To me anyway! I think if I were a criminal I would want the diplomat plates to avoid getting tickets or something.

Anyway, around here people can pay extra for special Packer plates and they get stolen all the time. Especially if one goes to Chicago, and if one thinks one would like to see the Packers play the Bears in Chicago and one drives ones car to get there, one best bring their plates into the game with them or they will be gone. LOL!