04 December 2009

six days to school

Starting school next Thursday.

Did a quick staff orientation last Tuesday.

Meeting with teachers today.

Neither of us is excited--though I'm faking it big time.

(Thought it better to remain in school's good graces and be seen as co-operative just in case I need something in the future. Love and Logic deposit.)

She starts Thursday. Monday they celebrate Santa Lucia. Tuesday is pajama day. Wednesday is the Winter Concert. Friday is a Christmas party. I'm tired already.

Off to watch Sesame Street. La di da di da...What's the name of that song?


Barb said...

Yikes - I just about choked when I read the title of the post . . . Going back at this busy time can be a bit of a two-edged sword - fun, but over-stimulating. Love how you're faking being excited:->

Kay B said...

This transition is hard for both of you, but it will all be ok. Once the new routine is established and she has new things to tell you about school and her new friends it gets better. Still, I know how it is - you wish you could hold on to this precious time just a little longer....

Wishing you a blessed Christmas!

votemom said...

how many school days do you have before your first break?

Lindy said...

Some reasons to be excited:

Lexi will be in a lovely school where you are close at hand. Because the staff and students care about you, they will be kind to and watchful of her. Just as she has learned how to play with dolls, she will learn how to interact with children and to be a friend. She can experience the joy of being part of a group, unlike her experience in the children's home. She can share her love of singing, drawing, and reading with others her age. And, she can further express her fashion sense!

I know there are challenges ahead, but hope that school will give sweet Lexi a chance to continue to bloom.

Kathy Friend said...

wow, my heart skipped a beat when I read this. It's all be good. Just another 'first' in a long string of firsts you get to enjoy with your precious Lexi!

Maura said...

I know you wish you had more time, but the time you two have spent keeping your world small has to have given sweet Lexi a great start in the big world.

Thankfully, you'll be nearby as she explores school and making new friends her age. Does she understand about school - is she excited?

Tammy said...

It will be an adjustment, no doubt about it, for both of you. There will be some good things, some bad things. You will long for these days when you were home with her alone but you will be glad for other things that have come about that you weren't expecting. Life is all about trade off's, isn't it?

Good luck and you guys will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

I'll be praying for you both. You know, sometimes the anticipation is worse than the reality. Gearing up is tough. Do take care of yourself!


McMary said...

Best of luck to both of you as you transition to yet another new phase in your lives.

Lindsay said...

Lexi's going to think school is one big party :)

It is horrible going back to work. Hope it goes ok for you both.

Jenni said...

This is an exhausting time of the year to go back to school! Hopefully with the special events and winter break, Lexi will have an easier transition and a favorable opinion of school.

Best of luck!