09 June 2010

just a second

I was reminded twice in quick succession why I love teaching second graders this morning:

Me: Whose shield is this? (crickets) Seriously, guys. Whose IS this? (mass denials) I didn't ask whose shield this wasn't. I asked whose it was. It's a lovely, red shield. (class agrees and comments on the symmetry of the shield and how well-cut it is) Someone had to have made this. It didn't just cut itself. (I'm wracking my brain to be sure it isn't one I cut as a demonstration.)

student: Maybe it's the Littles'. (Ah, yes. Our fun, failsafe blame-catchers.)

student 2, in all seriousness: No. They couldn't make that. They haven't learned about medieval times.

(How much do I love that they weren't too little to make it? They were too young to have studied the things we've studied.)

The belief in all things magical and make-believe is one I hold dear--and will do all I can to protect it and nurture it in my students. It's nice to have playmates.

Shortly thereafter I did laugh out loud:

student, slamming the dictionary shut and shaking it as she walks to put it away: I found out what "swarm" means. And I'm mixing it up so the next person has to find it, too.


Maura said...

LOVE it! You're so right - 2nd grade is magical. 3rd graders start out that way, but get a bit cynical by year's end. I have one and I'm so grateful that her belief in magic and make believe is still intact!

Annie said...

I DO love the part of my job that is all about second graders too. Since you aren't on facebook you missed my favorite story of the year.

I was talking to the children about Communion, and one said the "bread is blessed". I prompted them, "There is a better word, does anyone know what it is?" And one enthusiastic hand shot up. "Yes?"


Maybe you need to be Catholic to realize that it was "Consecration" I was looking for.... And every one of the other kids were looking at the contributor with great admiration.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

That's so cute, shaking the dictionary, lol!

Lindsay said...

Lol. Working with kids is a fantastic thing.

I still want to know who the mysterious shield belongs to!

Julie H said...

I don't even know what to say but I LOVE that story.

kate said...

Lindsay, we found out the shield belonged to one of my most...listening-challenged students. He denied it all morning and claimed it in the afternoon.

beckyww said...