04 June 2010


I'll reply to the replies later.

Instead, let's have "salad". Lexi's favorite is Столичный, Stolichny. When I make it at home (having examined the deli versions from two different grocery stores) it has...

  • cubes of boiled potatoes (2 parts)
  • cubes of chicken (2 parts)
  • cubes of barely boiled carrots (1 part)
  • canned peas (1 part)
  • pickles (if I'm not having any--the one time I did she got them on the side) (1/2 part)
  • cubes of boiled egg (1/2-1 part)
  • and olive-based mayonnaise

I'm sure in the real salad there is dill (this is Russia) but I don't like dill and don't keep any in the house. I use lemon pepper instead.

Lexi loves this and will eat it for any meal. Just thought I'd pass it on in case you were looking for a not-so-healthy salad option.

(They also make this salad with pork. Then, at our groceries, they call it Olivier. That's Amanda's favorite salad. The same salad without meat is sold in our grocery store as Home Salad. But, the deli later won't let you buy it.)


Annie said...

Here's what I do with Russian salads in general - Olivie and Vinagret (and will with this one, which sounds great!)

I mix it all up and don't put on the mayo. I let everyone put on their own and mix it up. I think there is a lot less fat this way, and if we don't eat it all, the leftovers are just as good and fresh the next day. I have also discovered that these salads are really GREAT without the mayo, or with just the tiniest bit.

kate said...

Lexi, and all my Russian friends, heartily disagree, Annie. I've been told to make this and let it sit a day for it to be really good. The mayo is essential to the Russian palate!

beckyww said...

We had egg salad sandwiches for lunch. We use very little mayo but a lot of salsa. Yum!

Irina said...

I've seen recipes go both ways - add the mayo and let the salad sit, or add the mayo right before eating. My family has always subscribed to the latter version. When we make Olivier, we always make A LOT and eat it for the next three days (it's usually made for guests on Day 1 and then we eat the leftovers on Day 2 and 3), and we've found that it spoils faster once it's mixed with mayonnaise. The mayo also tends to draw out the moisture from the pickles, making the salad soggy.

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

way OT,
but how do you get your quotes to change??I thought it changed with each post, but did an experiement and realized it changes daily I think???

Elva said...

Hmm... I'm not sure why you think mayo is unhealthy?! Do you have high cholesterol? Lexi needs fats in her diet. Kids need fats. See this article: http://kidshealth.org/kid/stay_healthy/food/fat.html

I knew a lady years ago, always on a diet, and she fed her daughter very low fat foods, and the doctor almost called DFACS on her, the child was so emaciated and unhealthy. Give Lexi all the fats she wants except the really unhealthy ones, like margarine, and she will grow and be fine. I've never fed my kids anything but olive oil, full-fat mayo, milk, etc. and neither has high cholesterol and neither one is overweight...

kate said...

Elva, I do not have any cholesterol issues. I'm glad your children are fine. But, mayo is not a part of my child's healthy diet. Rest assured, she gets plenty of healthy fats and is growing and thriving.

The Holmes Crew said...

Yet another thing I miss about Russia - all the yummy salads!