14 February 2011

a calmer kate

my car is sitting in the parking lot near by house--tire on and battery jumped (or "sparked" as my friend said).

oh, my DEAR friend marina! she spent all weekend (from about 10 p.m. friday on) going back and forth between the impound lot, the tire place and the police station. she wouldn't hear of us coming with her, trying to take care of everything--and of US. this when she'd been home for the last two days with fever and a swollen spot brought on by the death of her aunt--the last relative of her father who died last year.

and yet, she gave her weekend (and her husband's) to us.

i send her a million thanks. she is someone i will miss next year--not because she helps me with my car, but because she is a friend.

incidentally, i don't think i ever went to the police station in the US. i've been to three different stations (one of them twice) during my stay here--all for car-related issued. this police station was by FAR the most pleasant.

and the funny bit--when the policeman today saw my dip card, he asked marina if i was the consul general. ;>


Jim said...

Glad to hear things are getting better for you now. Friends like that are worth their weight in gold.

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

I love your honesty!!!

BTW, come check out my blog. You've won a Style award.

Rachael said...

That which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger???

Sorry school is so sucky for you this year. Thank goodness that God saw fit to put a friend like Marina in your path though. Sending hugs and good vibes encouragement to you across the 'net, and glad you're feeling better about it all. Sometimes a really good cry helps.

Debbie said...

So happy that things are looking brighter now. God is so good to provide those wonderful friends for you!

june said...

if you had said yes, would you have gotten your car back faster???

Glad things are looking up a bit, and that the cats have food. Angry cats are no good, OH NO.