19 February 2011

war of attrition continues

We have no school next week. Hooray!

That means that last Thursday, completely out of the blue, a cough that wracked my whole body starting inside my big toe and working it's way up, blindsided me.

Friday fever.

Today Lexi is succumbing.

But...no school! Hooray!

car ps--

  • didn't start today (it's -22C...but warmer than the last few days so go fig)
  • took taxis to rehearsal (the show must go on has never seemed less true)
  • and back
  • called principal for a wrench
  • he didn't pick up
  • called Lexi's teacher (who lives around the corner)
  • who sent her husband with the wrench
  • he removed the battery
  • and it's sitting in my entryway
  • warming up
  • along with the last one they replaced
  • which was in the back of the car
  • but could have cracked if I left it there (remember? that happened.)
This was very hard to do with the whole cough/fever/fatigue thing.

I decided that having someone come and "spark" my car meant that I'd have to haul our sick carcasses out every. day. in the SUNNY cold spell (it's worth it for the sun) we're having. Bringing the batteries in means we can just. stay. home.

And that's one of my most favorite things to do.

Lexi p.s.--a dose of bubble gum fever reliever has her off the couch and doing sote-arabesque around the living room. Let's hope that's a foretaste. Of course, as I typed that, she started the gut-wrenching cough.


Barb said...

Glad you have good news on the car front.

Not glad that you two are sick.

I'm in Helsinki for the weekend with Stefan. I keep saying things like, "Kate bought boots there." "Kate and I shopped here.", etc:)

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

Ugh - bummer. I hope you both feel better VERY soon!

And, yea for a week off of school :)