27 March 2011

"summer time"?

It's still snowing.

Still. This time there is no hesitation in my choice of words. So it's been an odd day. Lexi is in a sweater dress and cardigan. But, she spent a long time today trying on summer clothes (Just like in a shop! Just like Ken in Toy Story 3!) in anticipation for our trip to Cyprus.

Yes, Cyprus won. And, looking at the weather forecast, I'm sooooo glad! Now I'm just hoping Lindsay gets her bank card sorted in time to join us.

In case you're wondering, Lexi has plenty of summer clothes. Drat. No need to shop.

Well...except for sandals. We went looking yesterday and met with a very condescending man who, I think, may have been trying to be both helpful and condescending. He repeatedly told me the assistants wouldn't speak English. I repeatedly told him that was fine, I could ask for shoes in Lexi's size. He continued to tell me they wouldn't understand me and offered to translate for me. I actually burst out laughing. And then told him again I'd be fine, thank you. Do you speak Russian he asked, incredulously. Yes, enough to ask for shoes, I replied still laughing.

But they didn't have her size.

We did get new red rain boots last weekend. But, her raincoat that would mathc them doesn't fit anymore. (Aha! Forgot about that. Shopping opportunity seized!)

So today, although it's the first day of "summer time" in Russia (the clocks changed) for the last time (Medvedev has declared Russia will no longer participate in clock-changing), we're watching a steady snowfall and making split-pea soup and oatmeal gingersnaps (from Rhonda)--both foods I find decidedly un-summery.

Still...Cyprus in two weeks!

And, no, we don't have a house or city yet. But, we will. We will!

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june said...

what... no more clock changing? Hmm suddenly Russia sounds a little better. ;)