01 May 2011

the eyes have it

eta: a more determined search led to the lost glasses! Amazing what a little fear will do. ;> But, will leave this up just for those of you interested. Medical saga is right up there in popularity with car saga here on the blog.

Lexi lost her glasses.

We went to the ophthalmologist (no optometrists here). He examined her. And then told us that to accurately prescribe new glasses she has to have atropin drops for 3 days prior to the exam. While on the drops her pupils will be dilated, she will not be able to read, write or draw and she will be very sensitive to sunlight. Extremely sensitive.

Uncomfortable with this, I contacted the eye doctor we saw in the US. He said he does use drops prior to some exams but not Atropin and never for that long. He mentioned all the side effects. And, he said Atropin will stay in her system for a week following treatment.

Wikipedia concurs.

Another "Western" clinic (are you getting the feeling that these Westerns clinics aren't very Western? Yeah.) said they could do the exam but she'd need drops for a week prior. They are different drops and only dilate the pupils while she's asleep. (??) Of course, they have to see her first. We can't just start the drops.

Lexi is farsighted, has developmentally young eyes, and an astigmatism. It's the astigmatism that is causing all this furor.

Anybody know anything?


yjwebers said...

I am so glad you found the glasses!
Love, Nif

Lindsay said...

Glad you found them - all I had thought was suggesting you go to Finland!

Jim said...

Also glad you found them! But the lesson here is to get a copy of the prescription used to make the glasses. With that in hand, you won't need to get a whole new exam just to replace glasses in between normal checkups.

kate said...

Finland was on my list, too!

Jim, I've got the prescription. But, this is Russia...

Maura said...

Glad you found them! Now keep a good eye on them -- at least until you're in your new home and would be easier to replace.

votemom said...

i'm glad you found them. anna's are MIA. it's been 8 days. i've searched high and low. i tempted her with a visit to ChuckECheese. i offered R a $50 reward if he could find them.


and so today, we ordered a new pair. which will be in by friday. which means we will find the old pair on saturday.


K said...

um...where are you?

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Good crap, dilation for 3 days? SERIOUSLY? Or a week? I would have to think that could damage her eyes in some way. I am genuinely horrified! I am SO glad the glasses turned up. Maybe glue them to her head this time. And feed that child carrots by the ton.

Dawn said...

Happy 2nd Mother's Day!!

Hope the daybis nice for you both :)