09 May 2011

remember that rock?

I didn't know it was Mother's Day in the US.

Happy Mother's Day!

It's Victory Day today. I am celebrating the victory over INTERNETLESSNESS. (That is a very big rock, too. My internet is not only my e-mail, but it's communication--skype and blogging--and television, too. It's birthday cake recipes, lists of the average number of teeth lost by age eight, songs via jango, banking, car searching, travel agent, doctor's appointments to make and summer recreation schedules. It's a lot to be without.)

More soon. Scads to catch up on after the latest expulsion from the virtual world.

Tad bit stressed. Just a smidge. You know, verging on panic attacks, but, no matter.


Matt and Carla Morgan said...

Bless you - sending love and hugs your way. Overwhelm is no fun. But, I'm glad you're reconnected at least!


K said...

Ugh. Please take care of you. Hope to have you internetted soon. Miss you.

june said...

Deep breaths and good chocolate. That dulls the panic. ;)