10 February 2008


I liked that musical (no matter what the critics said). I had to change the title because even as I typed this I was singing:

No moon, no wind
Nothing to spy things by

No wave, no swell
No line where sea meets sky

Stillness, darkness
Can't see a thing, says I

No reflection
Not a shadow
Not a glint of light meets the eye

And we go sailing , sailing
Ever westward on the sea, we go...
Sailing, sailing
Ever on go we
Blogs are like icebergs. What you see isn't the whole picture. You may see 10% of what is going on at any given time.

In the jagged underbelly, there are lots of things going on right now. None of them are happening quickly and none of them should be blogged about. Yet. One of these days I'll be able to let you know about that 90% that's unseen for now. Or, I'll at least let you see 15% instead of the usual ten.

Until then, please keep thinking good thoughts and sending up prayers for quick, competent advocates, a smooth, straight path and wisdom for me. A lightning bolt would be appreciated as well...

More soon!


Rachael said...

Well that's a cliffhanger of sorts!

Carrie said...

Well if that's not cryptic! I hope all is well, better than well.

votemom said...

boy what a great analogy of stuff in our lives..... how great that GOD knows about the 90%... in fact He usually designed and ordained it.

man i wish we could just go out for coffee or something.

Ktates said...

I prayed extra hard for you today - glad I did now that I read this post!!! I'm with votemom though!

habeshachild said...

Oh - so very cryptic. Am VERY curious about what's going on.

Please tell us what you can!!

Lauri said...

Hugs.. sending all things positive your way

Annie said...

You are so right....