20 February 2008

spirit lifters

I've not been a good tag-ee of late. I'm hoping this one will count for Annie's and Melissa's... Lea, I haven't forgotten.

Eight Things That Lift My Spirits

1. clean sheets with a high thread count on my bed--especially the periwinkle ones
2. clean anything--legs shaved, teeth brushed, flat tidied...
3. the sound of rain while I'm sleeping
4. sunshine! walking home and having it light is wonderful.
5. a gentle breeze (espically nice if it plays across my pillows while I'm sleeping. how can you not like a force of nature that plays?)
6. thunderstorms. they make me revel in the BIGNESS of God.
7. musical theatre...'most all of it
8. reading through the previous seven it seems that being well-rested deserves mention...

Anyone else thinking happy thoughts?


Annie said...

These are BEAUTIFUL!!! Each one lifts my spirits! Except maybe the musical theater - well, it WOULD, but it doesnt make my soul SING - like Jane Austen, or Charlotte Bronte...or another 19th century English author to read.

Christine said...

I love the sound of rain while I'm sleeping! thanks for sharing.

Tina in CT said...

I love the sound of rain beating on the roof and windows. I even have a CD called Gentle Rain.

Great list!

Jenni said...

Rain and musical theater... two of my favorite things!

Great list!

votemom said...

if a breeze blew over my face and woke me up i'd just be bummed that i got woken up. but it SOUNDS pleasant. until i think about it.

i love, Love, LOVE having all the windows in the house open in the early summer and having all the cross-ventilation and the breeze blowing thru and making me feel fresh and alive.

Kay B said...

yes, yes, yes, and sun streaming in through the windows on a lazy afternoon - especially if it is spotted with the shadows of a shade tree blowing in the breeze. - and the windows are open!