11 October 2008


I freely admit that the crickets chirping here are BORING. What's up with that?

Um, I guess...nothing.

I've got nothing here--no news, no angst, no highs, no lows, no nothing.

You don't believe me? Okay, I'll try. I keep trying to disabuse you people who cherish the notion that life here must be more interesting than life in your house. You're so, so wrong. (And you can eat key lime yogurt or fajita pitas from Chili's and get mail every day and shop and...) But, for you--I'll try.

Seussical is right on schedule to peak on Thursday night. If I do say so myself--and I only do because others said it first--pacing rehearsals is something I do exceptionally well. My casts are always ready and always at their best when we open. And yet, when people say in response to my replies that things are a little rough at rehearsal (because we had some rough patches with this one) that it always comes together in the end, I get really angry. It doesn't JUST come together. And there's a BIG difference between what I expect from a show and what most doting parents think is fantastic. I expect, and I get, more. They don't always know it, but I do. And, their children know it, too.

Hmm. I think crickets might be more palatable than self-congratulations. Sorry.

I love, love, love having theatre--in any form--to do. I am happier, have more energy and just have a better spirit. Watching my actors grow from play to play is a privilege. Seeing them carry over what they've learned onstage to their lives in school is gratifying. I love being able to share things like...

  • the way I think a curtain call should be (fast and gracious and as the actor acknowledging the audience's thanks--not as the character or showing how hard you've worked)
  • making your partners perfect instead of worrying about yourself
  • continuing to tell the story and not go back no matter what
  • that YOU are enough
  • play, enjoy, smile
  • if it's not yours, don't touch it
  • if it falls, pick it up
  • help each other
  • be on time
  • listen
  • the best thing you can bring to the stage is confidence
  • if you don't have confidence in yourself, then rely on your trust in me. You know that I want what is best for you and will not let you look foolish. Trust me. Trust the work you've done. Trust.
  • and so much more...my senior integration project was on children and theatre...and I have much more to say now than I did then. (Yes, I hold strong beliefs on just about everything. And I like it that way. ;> I think passion is a good thing.)
Yeah. Preachy. Sorry. Cue the crickets.

Doing theatre feeds me. I know I've said that over and over. But, this time it's true quite literally. The moms in the cast took pity on my kazillionth lunch of peanut butter and crackers (little do they know I could happily live on peanut butter and Coca Cola) and set up a rota for cooking me dinners! How cool is that?

Oh. Not very nice of me to throw that in your faces. Cricket time.

My esl kiddos speak too much English to be funny any more. I'm bursting with pride with each new word and phrase..but they're not really good for cute stories. My little girl from South Korea continues to be fascinated with my eyes. She'll gaze up and then just giggle and say, "Blue!" The other day she asked me if I could see. I replied that yes, I could see her. A classmate explained that she wanted to know if I could see because my eyes were so big. She knew her "little eyes" could see so how could mine? I resisted the urge to turn into the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood (The better to see you with, my dear.).

Yeah. It was funny but doesn't really blog well. Chirp, chirp?

So. Sorry. Not very bloggy over here. Kinda blah. Not really BLAH...just not an abundance of blogging fodder. Maybe I can manage some pictures or something to string you along...


votemom said...

i, for one, thoroughly enjoyed reading your "boring" post.

becuz boring it was not.

Tami said...

You're selling yourself short. I didn't think this post was boring at all. HEY! How about a post about the new kitty? We haven't heard from her in awhile...or do you have any good car moving stories? What? They haven't stolen your car lately and relocated it in Mars Park? Hmmm....I'll keep thinking.

Heidi said...

You are more interesting than you think! We await the next word!

Liz said...

Most of the things you have to share about theater sound like pretty good rules for life! This was not a boring post at all.

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

i'm not going anywhere! keep stringing...


Annie said...

I like this post too - partly because it is fun to discover that we have even more in common than I knew. I got just short of a MA in Developmental Drama. Stopped short as I thought I might like to teach and if you have a Masters, forget getting hired. But, I too, love being involved in theatre just about more than ANYTHING. Which, is actually why I quit it initially. Feeling rightly that nothing should give me more of a thrill than my relationship with God.

I am teaching a speech class at the grade school this year and it is giving me similar highs. It is so rewarding to see progress and realize that without you it wouldn't have happened.

No one makes me dinner, though.

the girl who finally cleaned her kitchen said...

This was tragic, Kate...I come here to be entertained and you give me this...boy, oh boy...

beckyww said...

For a boring girl- you crack me up!

Jenni said...

I miss my days in the theater. You're right about how it feeds your spirit. It's great that you are able to mix theater with work. We have musical theater at my school, but the teachers who run it are very territorial and don't really welcome any new production partners.

Lea said...

I am finally catching up on everyone's blogs and I always enjoy reading what you write. You have a wonderful way with words, even when there is not much going on in your world (or so you say:). The musical sounds pretty exciting and I loved your bullets on the things you teach while directing. Wonderful. You are going to make an awesome parent, although we already knew that:).

Also, can't blame you for wanting to stay there for another four years;>.