29 March 2009

more genius

Though I'm decidedly not a fan of the genre there are a few reality tv shows that I watch (some of the Bravo set and The Amazing Race). Somehow, I view the the Bravo shows as educational programming.

Project Runway has turned me into a design genius. Of course, I still haven't managed to hem the last round of trousers that were sent to me... But my fairy costumes looked great!

Top Chef has turned me into a gourmet chef...who could still live on peanut butter and Coca Cola.

So now I'm watching old series of America's Next Top Model in hopes of dropping some pounds and looking fierce. You've got to admit, this is the best weight-loss plan I've had since I put my cat on a diet. (Go ahead. Click it.)

Ooo...maybe I should start watching Millionaire Matchmaker...


Heidi said...

Now you're talking! ;)
Thanks for the note. Now I'm off to read about your cat's diet.

Heidi said...

That was funny!
I actually lost weight while traveling (for adoption) due to the stress and different foods offered. And actually we only had two meals a day to save $.
But I doubt this will work for you since you actually live there already. Perhaps when you come back to the states once you are a family... yes, that's it.
Wonder if that would work for Beaze too?
Just thinking out loud.
I can't even handle a fish right now. These kids have me running! Oh, that'll help you too!
Awaiting news,

The Holmes Crew said...

Must admit I'm a Survivor Junkie! Even watched the Russian Version while there...just because I was going through withdrawal....wonder what that says about me :)

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

That's hilarious. I've watched some of those ANTM reruns and I think the only thing you're going to learn there is how to become a big drama queen! I'm addicted :)

And, I LOVE top chef!


annmarie said...

I prefer Make Me a Supermodel...

Kay B said...

My favorite is Biggest Loser. Can't miss an episode - especially when I need the motivation to stay on my diet. So far, 30 pounds down since January so maybe it's working!