05 March 2009

re: anybody else?

Good to know I'm not alone at trying to manipulate time.

It's not a depressed, hide-away-until-tomorrow kind of wanting to hurry to bed and then to tomorrow.

It's more like Christmas eve when you go to bed early so that Christmas will come sooner.

Pix tomorrow of our trip to the Russian village (if there are any that are post-worthy).


Kim Abraham said...

I did basically what you are doing. I had a system of first going all through my yahoo emails for both Russian Adoption and Kemerovo. Then, I'd check FRUA in order by category. Next, I would go through my Google Reader and check out everyone's blogs. The blogs are listed in alphabet order. That's how I would read them, no exceptions. Weird, I know and I'm usually not that anal. When the wait (and lack of news) would get unbearable, I would take a break and promise myself not to even peek at FRUA or Blogs for a week. At the end of the week, it was fun catching up!

I would also read everything I could my hands on about IA, Russia, IA and Russia, etc. Two of my favorites books were "Russian Word for Snow" and "Unshakable, the true story of Rick Silanskas".

Finally, each night before bed I would get on my knees and go through my prayer list for all the families I knew that were going through this grueling wait along with me, praise God for all the families united, and also pray for those struggling with attachment issues. I stopped praying that God help ME (something I have a big tendacy to do) and instead focused my prayers on all the officials in Russia. I prayed that all the roadblocks between us and our little girl would be broken and that everyone along our path to her would be blessed.

All that, plus trying to still remember to parent and school my four bio kids, is how "I" tried to manipulate time.

The Holmes Crew said...

Waiting is perhaps the hardest, yet seems we are constantly waiting for something or another. There really is no one way to deal with it; but rather, it comes down to whatever works for you! I found that when I kept REALLY, REALLY, REALLY busy with projects around the house, the days flew, and I waas exhausted enough at night to keep my mind off the clock & the calendar!

Tina in CT said...

I can imagine it's being like going to bed on Christmas Eve. Great analogy.

Carrie said...

Yes, I did check my email obsessively when I was in process. And now I check your blog obsessively, with high hopes for you.

Jenni said...

I did the same type of thing, and it got worse as I got closer to a referral. It's a strange, exciting time.

Debbie B said...

Oh yes. I remember waiting for Monday's to get here for news.

Jenni said...

Hey Kate! I gave you an award on my blog.

Hope you're having a great weekend!