01 July 2011

the girl who cried "end"

And that's where from-russia ends.

I've been encouraged by friends and people I've never met to keep this now-finished blog up. If it really does serve as a resource and an encouragement to others, and you've been very kind to say that it does, then I am delighted to have that outreach.

Now that we're back home in the US, life is not as full of interesting daily challenges. I don't have as much witty blogger-fodder. And, I do want to afford Lexi some privacy.

So, although I carefully chose the blog address from-russia to be able to mean both writings from me while I was in Russia and Now we're home from Russia, I think I'll allow it to just mean the former.

Please feel free to e-mail me at onlyk8 at yahoo dot com if you have questions about older child adoption, living as an ex-pat in Russia...or most anything.

Thank you all for reading.