30 September 2008


Votemom's objection re: infrequent posting is duly noted.

However, as previously stated:

a. I am crazy-busy with Seussical.
b. There is nothing else going on here. We're just in a holding pattern.
c. Even if there were adoption news, due to the unusual circs, I couldn't tell you much.
d. I'll tell you what I can when I can.

So, the objection is overruled.


26 September 2008

baseless suppositions

After I did my name quiz ala Jenni, I put in little Miss Possible's name. Oy, vey! She sounds like QUITE a handful if the quiz is even remotely correct. (The English name I picked out long ago to add to her name got a much better report.)

And, on the database, Miss Possible is described as "capricious". Okay, thought I, "Changeable. She must be multi-faceted. That will keep life interesting."

My best Russian friend looked at the entry and immediately said, "Oh! She's NAUGHTY!"


"That's what it says." She backtracks, "Well, maybe not exactly naughty..."


"Nooo...More like, if she decides that she does not like porridge, she will not eat it--even if she is starving."

"So she's stubborn."

"No. Well. Maybe. That sounds so bad to say."


"Not really..."

So, according to highly unreliable internet information, Miss P is naughty, stubborn and quite a handful.

All of which, I'm sure, has made her a survivor. And that's a good thing.

17 September 2008

more esl/tck

I really love teaching in an international school. I love teaching TCK (third culture kids) and ESL/EAL (English as a Second/Another Language)students. Here are some treasures from the last two days that show why:

Me, to student back from a trip: K, how was Norway?
K: Great! You could DRINK the water!

Y: Meez C, what you call the things we eat for your birthday? Black...
Me: Brownies
Y: Yeah, my mom wants to try those.

New Korean student: Why you big eye? Me small eye. You BIG eye. Why?

Same student: (laughing as she placed her hand on my arm) Meez C, you so white! You pink!

Same girlie again (she's just starting to use some English and it's priceless)...
Me: SM, how was after school?
SM: big, dramatic sigh
Me: Was it fun? Did you play with Lucy? (Lucy is a bulldog brought in for this week's pet care class. I had billed seeing Lucy as something great when SM didn't want to go.)
SM: sigh. Lucy, she good girl. But, I TIRED.

Both my Korean students, when they quiz me on Korean words: Oh! Good GIRL, Meez C!

(I know all I need to in Korean--shoes, jacket, out, goodbye...and I'm working on "be quiet".)

We were playing triominoes the other morning. Two of the ESL students (Germany and Holland) were playing with me. Holland kept trying and trying to put his triomino in places it wouldn't fit. I'd tell him, "I think you gotta choose, buddy." This happened twice. The third time he tried, Germany shook his head, smiled and said kindly, "Gotta choose, buddy."

See? Life is good in second grade.

15 September 2008

tiding you over

Yeah, I know. It *seemed* like all sorts of things should've started happening. But, really...there's not much new.

Seussical is taking all sorts of time--in rehearsal every day after school and all day (10-4) on Saturdays. There's just not much left after that...and I still have to plan lessons (okay, that's pretty easy), get ready for Friday's conferences, organize costumes/props/sets, choreograph everything, and do all sorts of little things that no one realizes needs to be done.

I am waiting to hear what to do about my new homestudies...

So...it's incredibly busy but there's not much news. Stay tuned...

ETA: Nach, as soon as I'd posted the news about no news, a rep from my agency called with a list of documents we had to present to the municipality to start the ball on my Russian hs...and then asked if I could go tomorrow. Um, no. I don't HAVE any of that paperwork. I need a new lease from the consulate, a new letter explaining the lease is for me, my registration card back (it expired yesterday and needs a new stamp...until they decide on the new registration cards for diplomats and then I'll get a whole new card) and a translated copy of my passport. Don't have any of that handy. It's possible we'll go Thursday after rehearsal or next week.

SO! That's the news.
Are you tided over now?

How we deal with a new flat is a whole 'nother kettle of fish. Hello expensive visit from US sw!

08 September 2008


Do you want to know how big of a goof I am?

I just clicked on my blog (yes, this one--my own blog) to see if there was any news about the little girl I told you about.

Ummm...there wasn't.

06 September 2008

it's possible

That's a song from Seussical. One of my favorite students of all time (yes, there are many...)is singing that song (...It's possible. Anything's possible...) in the play. She's playing Jojo, the thinker who saves Who in Horton Hears a Who. (Didn't see the movie. Have no inclination to do so. Mr. Carey, stop ruining my Seuss!) The song is actually based on the book McElligot's Pool where even the most unlikely things are possible.

It seems like there could be a possibility of a possibility of a little elephant coming home. I got a call from Ann Marie (How great is that? A call that could end up being the call and it came from my friend.) telling me that new agency was trying to get a hold of me. Through the static we managed to figure things out.

Why did they want to talk to me? There is a little girl who might be available...but it's an unusual situation (what isn't in Russian adoption?) that I won't elaborate on here. And, please don't ask. I'll tell you what I can, when I can.

Suffice to say, it's in another region so I'd have to redo that paperwork. (But, I'm happy it's in this region instead of the anticipated one.)
She's older than my age range, so I need a hs update.
Because I've moved I likely need to fly in a sw again for that update.
I need a Russian hs, too. No clue about cost or timeline there.

I am calm, quiet and a little detached. Ann Marie is bouncing around like a cheerleader whose name has just been announced as a finalist for starring role in Bring It On, Again. (She's a great cheerleader.)

I told you I'd tell you. And this isn't even news, really...

03 September 2008

yes and no

Yes, I'm still alive and well.
No, there really isn't anything blogworthy to report.

Yes, school has started and so has the musical.
Yes, both are going well.
No, I'm still not used to being back to sleeping on my school schedule.
No, I don't have a minute spare with rehearsals after school M-F and all day (for me--two different half-day groups) Saturday.

Yes, my car came home.
No, it's not here now.
Yes, it was leaking worse than before after the 20,000r, two-month repair job.
No, I'm not happy that it's costing another 10,000r for them to replace the pipes they were supposed to have already replaced.

No, I haven't been able to go visit my girls in 3.10 in ages.
Yes, I'm feeling like I've abandoned them.
No, I haven't abandoned them.
Yes, I will get there as soon as is humanly possible.

No, I haven't given up blogging.
Yes, there will be something more interesting to report soon. (There just has to be.)

No, there is no adoption news.
Yes, of course I'll tell you when there is!