03 September 2008

yes and no

Yes, I'm still alive and well.
No, there really isn't anything blogworthy to report.

Yes, school has started and so has the musical.
Yes, both are going well.
No, I'm still not used to being back to sleeping on my school schedule.
No, I don't have a minute spare with rehearsals after school M-F and all day (for me--two different half-day groups) Saturday.

Yes, my car came home.
No, it's not here now.
Yes, it was leaking worse than before after the 20,000r, two-month repair job.
No, I'm not happy that it's costing another 10,000r for them to replace the pipes they were supposed to have already replaced.

No, I haven't been able to go visit my girls in 3.10 in ages.
Yes, I'm feeling like I've abandoned them.
No, I haven't abandoned them.
Yes, I will get there as soon as is humanly possible.

No, I haven't given up blogging.
Yes, there will be something more interesting to report soon. (There just has to be.)

No, there is no adoption news.
Yes, of course I'll tell you when there is!


votemom said...

yes i am happy to get an update from you.

Tina in CT said...

Thanks for the update as I was wondering how things were.

Rachel's mom and I spent yesterday together and had a wonderful day.

Tami said...

Glad to hear you're still alive. And YES I was starting to worry about you. ;>)

Single PAP said...

can you post some pics from your school? that would be so interesting ...and give you something to blog about ;-)

Annie said...

It was good to hear from you. I do check in daily.

Unknown said...

Okay. I will just sit here and wait.

We will all be here when you post again. Sitting here.

Still sitting.


Anonymous said...

thanks for checking in although there is not much to report.

best of luck in adjusting to being back at school.

Melissa said...

glad you are still alive

Rachael said...

Good to hear from you, even just to know you're alive and well! :) I have you in my bloglines and I'm always happy to see when you've posted.

Yes, tell us more about the drama! Are there costumes and sets?

Jenni said...

Glad to get an update from you!

Lauri said...

Good to have you back

Suz said...

Yes, it's good to hear from you! Your good news is just around the corner - it's got to be!

beckyww said...

I just glad to know you're okay.