26 September 2008

baseless suppositions

After I did my name quiz ala Jenni, I put in little Miss Possible's name. Oy, vey! She sounds like QUITE a handful if the quiz is even remotely correct. (The English name I picked out long ago to add to her name got a much better report.)

And, on the database, Miss Possible is described as "capricious". Okay, thought I, "Changeable. She must be multi-faceted. That will keep life interesting."

My best Russian friend looked at the entry and immediately said, "Oh! She's NAUGHTY!"


"That's what it says." She backtracks, "Well, maybe not exactly naughty..."


"Nooo...More like, if she decides that she does not like porridge, she will not eat it--even if she is starving."

"So she's stubborn."

"No. Well. Maybe. That sounds so bad to say."


"Not really..."

So, according to highly unreliable internet information, Miss P is naughty, stubborn and quite a handful.

All of which, I'm sure, has made her a survivor. And that's a good thing.


Heidi said...

Yes. I believe this. Some of these qualities kept my 1st daughter alive from day 1. I'm beginning to think that about my 2nd daughter too. With rough beginnings, they had to be VERY strong to survive.
It's a great thing!

Rachael said...

You are absolutely right! It makes her a survivor. And, I know from experience that (at least one!) very naughty, stubborn, capricious handful can slowly morph into a delightful child (who will forever keep you on your toes, mind you.) I'm quite sure you are up for whatever handful you are given. You've been preparing for this for TOO long!

Tami said...

Oooh how fun! :) You're right, these kids have to be stubborn in order to survive. That strong-will will serve her well in life. And as you help her transition into the delightful, sweet little girl she was meant to be, it will mean more good blog reading for us! :)I CAN'T WAIT!

votemom said...

i am a CapriciousChildSurvivor. my firstborn.


Matt and Carla Morgan said...

Tough and scrappy are qualities to be admired, indeed!


MoscowMom said...

Better scrappy and capricious than bland and broken! I'm with you all the way! Both of mine are scrappy fighters and it does make life interesting! K's first sentence was actually "Just wait..." in response to being disciplined, at 13 months! Ay. But now she's so deeeeeeeep. Incredibly so. It's awe-inspiring. So deep and sensitive that she painted Terezinstadt after seeing it with her dad and grandparents, at age 5, changing the color of the windows in the crematory to represent when there was still hope to live vs. when it was too late... and the rainbow of pastels in the smoke-filled sky as the children's souls and spirits rose in hope to Heaven. I kid you not. (She painted the picture, by the way, for her dad to hang in his office since so many people go by it--so more people "would know" about what had happened to all those children who so senselessly died).

Unknown said...

Ah! Ah! First hand experience with this!!! With John, the caregiver kept telling the translator to tell me that he was very "fractious". We nodded our head and moved on in conversation. She shook her head violently, and said for translator to tell us again that he was VEERRRRRRY FRACTIOUS. She said it about four times in two days.

Honey, please. With three kids - SOMEONE is tantruming/angry/sullen/stubborn/in time out every moment of every day. Wonder what she would have thought of Eli and Fin????

Jenni said...

I agree that those are qualities needed to survive. It's much better than a child who is withdrawn and lifeless!

As a mother of a capricious child, I believe that while this traits may be difficult at first, it will also be an asset when the child gets older - she will know her own mind and not be so easily swayed by peer pressure. I hope. ;)

votemom said...

just going on the record to say "i object" to such infrequent postings.

Unknown said...

Hey Kate,

I have to tell you that the description of our little one on the database is very off base. I wouldn't put any stock in that at all.