25 July 2010

four states down, one to go

Mama is having a difficult time knowing that this visit to the US is temporary and that we'll soon be leaving again. Lexi is having a marvelous time making new friends. Nice friends. Friends who want to play with her--and do, patiently and lovingly. They also teach her important things like "Ants bite." and saying "Put your hands up!" before you shoot the nerf gun. ;>

Here are some highlights from us both...but only the ones without other people's children except yours, Kerry, but I don't think you can really see them.

Lexi's favorite things? Playing on the driveway and swingset, being able to drink the water, shopping, and people of all different colors. She is reveling in the freedom to just walk out the back door and play.

Another doctor, some more shopping, singing cowboys and then we head back to Russia. More then...

Breakfast at the beach.
We spent our mornings there from 6-9 and then, when heat and people arrived, loafed around town and home the rest of the day.

It is impossible to choose between the joys of having a playground in the backyard and those of driveway antics and picnicking on the deck. ANY TIME! Fortunately, we didn't have to choose.

Practicing her piano before going to see a friend in Les Miz.

"Picking" blueberries. Note the purple mouth.

Tennessee Aquarium-probably looking at a diver cleaning the tank.

Lexi added the word "dessert" to her vocabulary. And now uses it often.

Tennessee Aquarium after lunch.

Discovery Museum.
We spent over an hour in this little room with a pretend stage complete with a light and sound board. Then we danced in the room next door and came back here. Hmmm...nurture, anyone? Or just one of those happy accidents that seem to fill the adoption world?