25 July 2010

four states down, one to go

Mama is having a difficult time knowing that this visit to the US is temporary and that we'll soon be leaving again. Lexi is having a marvelous time making new friends. Nice friends. Friends who want to play with her--and do, patiently and lovingly. They also teach her important things like "Ants bite." and saying "Put your hands up!" before you shoot the nerf gun. ;>

Here are some highlights from us both...but only the ones without other people's children except yours, Kerry, but I don't think you can really see them.

Lexi's favorite things? Playing on the driveway and swingset, being able to drink the water, shopping, and people of all different colors. She is reveling in the freedom to just walk out the back door and play.

Another doctor, some more shopping, singing cowboys and then we head back to Russia. More then...

Breakfast at the beach.
We spent our mornings there from 6-9 and then, when heat and people arrived, loafed around town and home the rest of the day.

It is impossible to choose between the joys of having a playground in the backyard and those of driveway antics and picnicking on the deck. ANY TIME! Fortunately, we didn't have to choose.

Practicing her piano before going to see a friend in Les Miz.

"Picking" blueberries. Note the purple mouth.

Tennessee Aquarium-probably looking at a diver cleaning the tank.

Lexi added the word "dessert" to her vocabulary. And now uses it often.

Tennessee Aquarium after lunch.

Discovery Museum.
We spent over an hour in this little room with a pretend stage complete with a light and sound board. Then we danced in the room next door and came back here. Hmmm...nurture, anyone? Or just one of those happy accidents that seem to fill the adoption world?


Matt and Carla Morgan said...

"Happy accident" made me smile...as did dessert...as did this entire post!

Good to hear from / see you again.

Safe travels.


Holly said...

Reading an update from you is like a cozy, warm cup of hot chocolate.

From the sounds of it, I have a distinct feeling that Miss. Lexi and Miss. Grace would get along fabulously. Good to hear she's met some nice friends.

Ah, those happy accidents are marvelous. Is it any wonder that my little type A (yes, I admit it) belts the words to "Wicked"? I think not. At least she's in tune. :)

Happy and safe travels, and thank you for updating!

Jim said...

It's so cool to see how you are opening up Lexi's world. What a special set of memories, and you're very good at capturing them in photos! This is what makes summers so magical as a child. Clearly, they are magical for you, too!

I pray that the rest of your vacation is a happy one, and that your transition back to work and school will be softened by His immeasurable grace.

Amy...who wanted 4. said...

What great memories ya'll are making!

Deb said...

Sounds and looks like you are both having a great time. I'm sure you are exhausted.
Love the pic with the butterfly, so pretty.

Anonymous said...

ah what fun! All of it!

And I would say 'hand at work' as much or more than 'happy accident'.

Lindsay said...

It looks like you are having the best trip. I can so relate to the joy of having a garden and beach: we are really missing both this summer being stuck in BA. I guess there is no comparison with all you can do there and Russia!

Love the photo of Lexi at the piano; it's just beautiful. Hope the rest of your holiday is wonderful. I owe you an email :)

Hugs to you and Lexi from Hannah and I.

nicole said...

love the pics and update..way to go lexi...bigg huggs..

Unknown said...

I have been gone, absent, not reading blogs like I should. I feel like I've been ignoring an old friend! I am sorry! I am having a hard time trying to balance schedules here with the addition of a (now) 8 year old. Please know - I think of you often, and wish you were traveling close to Northern Indiana (Chicago, maybe?). We need to plan a girls trip to American Girl on Michigan Ave. in Chicago. Period. We will do this someday!

Melissa said...

How much FUN!! I SO wish I had known you were going to be at the Tennessee Aquarium...my parents live 45 minutes from Chattanooga! Not that you would've needed another person to see/meet...but I would've loved to meet you nonetheless!!

Safe travels!

Tina in CT said...

The beach at 6:00 AM! Wow, you two are sure up early.

I've missed your blog so was so happy to see it this afternoon when I'd checked.

Glad that your summer is going so well and that Lexi is getting to know her new family, friends and country.

Hopefully your remaining time in St. P will fly by.

ALPAL said...

I am so happy that you two are having a marvelous summer! All children should have such experiences. And I am just ecstatic that you went to the beach! Kate went to the beach! I am listening to the ocean right now. Wish you could stay longer.

Annie said...

A happy, very happy accident, I think!

he-he....I just love that.

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Glad you're having a great time. I could spend all day in Chattanooga. So much to do. Enjoy the rest of the trip and that Southern Hospitality that I'm sure you have missed :)

julian said...

You are an early bird...We head over to the beach at around 11, ish.
We too have been on the road this summer, and have loved settling down at my dad's!
Have fun for the rest of the summer..

Jane and Jim said...

Looks like you had an amazing time - wish you could stay!
She's growing and flourishing every day - she's just beautiful!

beckyww said...

Blueberry girl! Too cute.

Maura said...

Glad to see that you two enjoyed your US trip. Lexi is just adorable. I love, love, love the piano shot - the dress, the feet hanging down, the sunlight on the floor - so wonderful. And the stage shot - well, you two were clearly destined to be together!

I hope the transition back to life in Russia is not too difficult.