11 May 2007

five words...fourth word...four syllables...

You will *not* believe what show just came on BBC Prime instead of As Time Goes By. I don't. Even in a heated round of charades, I would never have guessed this title in a million years. I would've thought it was a SNL skit or something. If I'd gotten this one to act out, I would surely have protested and demanded proof of its validity. But, it's real. So, store this one away for your next charades game and you're sure to score a point:

The Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses

I kid you not.

Edited to add: I tuned back in thinking the ten o'clock offer might be good. It's usually mystery/drama sort of show. Spa was still on!! It's an hour long. An hour of embarrassing illnesses. And, they weren't even in a spa. It was a guy in a car at a drive through or something holding a Tigger stuffed animal and crying into it (them?), "Who's Daddy's boys, then? Who's Daddy's boys?" Yikes.


Ktates said...

my that sounds like a fun spa to go to - not...they make it sound like a train wreck...like you have to watch it...maybe all those people need a spa day though...just like you - but for obviously different reasons...(unless you call toothpaste fetish an embarassing illness-
hugs and prayers

annmarie said...

heh heh

Kerry said...

I don't know. I think it sounds perfectly in keeping with a lot of the reality tv shows popping up these days... Just wait until NBC hears about it!!