07 May 2008

i forgot

Umm, when I said that we might know something today, I forgot that I live in Russia.

The principal did, indeed, go to talk to the realtor today. That, however, does not mean we know a thing. That will happen...sometime. I'll share when I do.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
I just read your blog for the first time today...a friend led me to you. It is so nice to read about someone who loves in St. P. Our wonderful daughter, A is from there. We adopted her in 2004 using a very good Ohio-based agency. It's fun to read about the White Nights, as when we were in St. P, both trips, it was mid winter and very dark. We loved the city and are hoping to return for a visit in the near future. Have a good day.

votemom said...

this just goes to prove you can live in a place for a very.long.time, but it doesn't make you one of them.

"whatsoever things are TRUE...
think on these things...
and the God of Peace WILL be with you."

Jim said...

Ahh yes. Expecting things on what seems a reasonable timeline in Russia. Made that mistake last fall, and I'm still scratching my head over what happened. I may have told you about it when I was in Saint Petersburg. If not, I'd be happy to share with you via e-mail.

Glad to see you're still thinking positively.

MoscowMom said...

Hang in there! In the meantime, I have a lot of somethin' for you over at my blog... Merrrry Christmas!

Tina in CT said...

Hi Kate,

It's Tamara's Mom and the purchaser of many, many smocked dresses. I am so happy to hear that they will go to your D2B and get lots more loving wear. I would buy them whenever they came into the consignment shop as they cost me next to nothing. I LOVE smocked dresses (and smocked one piece outfits for baby and toddler boys too) so this was an avenue for my love and my granddaughters had lots of dresses. I would wash and then iron them with lavender water and have them hanging in the closet when they came back to the US to visit. I'm no longer working at the consignment store on Saturdays (yeah!) so the timing with Natalia's not wanting to wear the smocked dresses is good.

I'll look forward to seeing your D2B in them in future posts on your blog.

I just mailed a lot of dresses (that Katya and Natalia outgrew) up to Rachel's mother for Rachel's two younger nieces. Good to keep them circulating.

I hope it works out for Tami and family to visit you.

Grandma Streusel (Tina)