22 July 2008

three weeks

It has been three weeks since I had internet.

I realize every time I'm internet-less how I use the computer. I, apparently, jump up and check things when they pop into my head--questions raised by reading or watching tv, quick e-mails to people, checking in on blogs and forums, paying bills, browsing through e-bay and amazon... I don't set aside a chunk of time and do everything at once. I've had to resort to lists of what needs to be checked online...and often once I get to school I don't feel like bothering anymore. I have to log into and out of school when I am here. It was scary to see three hours disappear one afternoon with me on the computer--and I hadn't checked in with any forums or with all my bloggy pals! I've been more efficient since then.

I have three weeks left until school starts.

How is that possible? Only three weeks? I don't really know where the summer went. I think waiting around for my car and my internet has made the summer just vanish.

I have been in my new apartment for three weeks.

Things are unpacked. The boxes are gone. The apartment has been undecorated and made as kateish as possible without a trip to make a few purchases from Santa House or the dreaded IKEA. Drawers are tidy. (Yes, the insides of my drawers and cupboards are often more organized than the outsides.) And, yesterday the upholstery cleaner came. He cleaned the yucky divans and chairs with baking soda and vinegar. Now, I'm all about natural cleaning products (Helllloooo, METHOD! Has anyone tried their new Method Kid stuff? I freely admit to being a Method addict. I lurve it. Many people, who thought I was crazy for asking for it, have brought me Method when they've visited. I am forever grateful.), but this didn't really make the yucky furniture look cleaner. It still looks kind of grimy and there are definite dark-spots from previous tenants. Still, I know it's cleaner, and that counts for something.

I have this thing about dirt. I don't think all dirt is created equally. My dirt is somehow less dirty than other people's dirt. I thought this was something that all people believed (not that *my* dirt was less dirty, but that one's own dirt was somehow superior to other people's dirt), until I bought a house. The same time I moved, a good, good friend moved to a new apartment. We were comparing notes and I said that I was really tired of cleaning. He was puzzled--I had just moved in so what was there to clean? I explained that I didn't feel like a new place was mine until I'd cleaned it. I needed to remove the previous owner's dirt. He said that he did the opposite with a new place--claiming it by scattering his stuff around and generally making a mess. I told him it was people like him who made people like me.

My own messes are liveable. Friend-dirt is tolerable. Stranger-dirt creeps me out. Hair, nail clippings, germs....gross.

At any rate, the furniture is cleaned and slipcovered. I'm not a fan of the slipcover look, but when living in rented accomodation, I need it. (Take note, S.) It's not only a stranger-dirt barrier but also keeps both my visual and tactile sensibilities at peace. Peace is a good thing to have in a home.

Yes, yes. I know. I will post pix as soon as I've have internet at home.

It's been three weeks since I've had internet.
Did I mention that?


Tina in CT said...

I completely agree with your about one's own dirt.

Maggie said...

I'm totally with you on the cleaning front. Especially if you're using existing furniture.

Tami said...

I'm with ya on the dirt thing! Miss you stopping by the blog. You've missed out on some big news around here. Stop by when you get the internet back.

Debbie B said...

I understand the tolerating others dirt but being fine with yours.
My biggest gross out is hair but my own hair falls out everywhere. Of course I'm extra careful now with the baby at home, but my hair just doesn't bother me as much.

Rachael said...

Are you having withdrawal shakes yet? 3 weeks. I would be.

Other peoples dirt: yuck. I hear ya. Although, I live with plenty of my own (and my offsprings') dirt in peaceful co-existance.

Anonymous said...

You are SUCH the girl after my own heart. I hate other people's dirt. I love Method stuff. (Although, have you tried Mrs. Meyer's stuff? Maybe better.)

And I would come out of my skin if I was without internet for 3 weeks. yikes.

Tricia said...

yes, totally. when we moved into our new house, even though the old owners hired a cleaner to clean the house after they left, i still cleaned all of the kitchen and bathrooms. all surfaces.

votemom said...

agree agree AGREE with my own dirt being superior.

that's why i want brand new toilet seats installed when we move into a new house. lysoling the old one is not enough.

other people's carpet grosses me out too.

will remember the slipcover info.

Allison B said...

Other people's dirt--yuck. Other people's hair--EEWWWWW!!!

When I bought my first house, I had to remove the hideous flowered wallpaper border in my bedroom. There was other people's hair stuck between the wallpaper and the wall! GROSS! I was literally gagging, and had to take breaks, it grossed me out so much. UGH!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you are without internet. When we are at other people's houses and I don't have my laptop right there, I realize how often I check email at home. Withdrawal indeed. And I agree about your own dirt and germs being superior.
Love, Nif

Annie said...

Absolutely with you on the dirt. When we move I spend DAYS, WEEKS, SLAVING over my place, making sure NONE of "my dirt" remains to horrify the new tenant. Then I have to repeat the process at the new place as I never move into a place where someone like me lived previously. Seems unfair somehow.

Votemom would have loved the motel my husband and I stayed in once. It had ugly, brown, shag CARPET all over the WALLS (as well as the floor) even in the bathroom (where it only went waist-high). You can surely imagine that I crept around that place being sure to not touch a thing. Yuck.

Jenni said...

Three weeks without internet! I'd be going stir-crazy!

I completely agree with you about the dirt thing. And the part about strangers' hair and toe-nail clippings made me dry heave a little. Thanks for that. ;)

Method cleaning supplies RULE.

Glad the apartment is becoming more homey for you.