30 March 2010


a portion of a song or other music that repeats compulsively within one's mind

Our friend Porter forgot to mention that when the gorgeous ANTME sang this...

*video removed*

that it was earwormy. (Why is the egg "shaky"? No clue. But we usually take the opportunity to shake. Or, I do and Lexi laughs at me.)

We find it a versatile song.

You can know a ______________ that _____________ a _____________. It can be _______________ ________________. A sort of Mad-libby song.

The only compulsory lyrics are Oh, my goodness! which are preferably shouted and not sung.

Thanks, Porter. Really. Thanks SO much.


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

OH MY, LOL!!! She is just so animated and adorable!

nicole said...

omygoodness thats too cute..my hubby watched this with me and lexi is too adorable..hubby said look we arent the only ones that have kids songs stuck in our heads..

votemom said...

so so adorable!

(anna is currently singing the baby bumble bee song - OY!)

beckyww said...

Sing, sing, sing - what a beautiful little voice!

Maggie said...

So cute!

Lindy said...

“I know a chicken… and she laid an egg… oh my goodness! It was a shaky egg!”

She is so cute and is getting prettier all the time. I love her smile; she looks so happy!!

Julie H said...

She is SOOOOOO your daughter!

porter said...

This HILARIOUS! And I now feel like some kind of celebrity, now that Lexi has given me a shout-out. woot!

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Way too precious!!

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