28 March 2010

perchance to dream

Day one of daylight savings/summer time:

1 tired girl combined with
adherence to bedtime routine
and a dash of melatonin

equaled bedtime on time--despite the
midnight sun peering through the window.

I realize this is only the first day, and that sleep deprivation season hasn't really begun in earnest, but at least we're off to a good start!


Crayon said...

Is it sunny 24/7? For how long? I can't imagine!

The Holmes Crew said...

When does the sun set during DST? I recall Angarsk summers when it didn't get dark til after 10.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Seriously midnight sun? Or poetic midnight sun? My husband was reading today about Russian time zones and a consideration to combine them since there are 9.
Okay then.

kate said...

Really logical to combine them, right?

Literal midnight sun. In late June/July it just gets twilighty for a couple of hours...but never gets dark.

That's what I call sleep-deprivation season.

nicole said...

That must wreck havoc with your system..geez how do you sleep with the sunlight??huggs from canada..

Kathy Friend said...

Melatonin was a miracle drug for me about a year ago. Maybe this might be your last (or one of the last) sleep deprivation seasons?