14 September 2005

Advice I've Been Given

Don't drink the water.
Beware of gyspies.
Stay away from the mosque on Fridays--too many gypsies.
If a gypsy throws a baby at you, don't catch it.
It is a scam that allows gypsy children to surround you and pick your pockets.
Don't pick up money you find on the ground. It's another scam.
When in doubt about your reception as a foreigner (ie when you want to buy something and think your lack of Russian and dreadful accent will up the price considerably) pretend you have been "selected mute".
Pay the bribes.
You'll be happy to know that most of this advice falls in the category of other survival advice I've received in my lifetime--run uphill if chased by a bear because their front legs are shorter, hit a shark firmly on the nose with your fist to discourage it, etc. I haven't had any babies thrown at me, haven't been stopped by the police, and haven't had to play mute.
I don't, however, drink the water.
Enjoy your day!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kate

Realised I missed your birthday lovely lady, so just wanted to say hope you had a very happy day! Sounds like you've got the Russians under control!,

Lots of love Han xx