08 July 2007

don't eat the baby

I have several thoughtful posts for you. Really. They're pretty good. I've even got a mildly entertaining one about the militsia's hobby of towing my car that has pictures.

But they've been pre-empted by this advice:

Don't play "eat your fingers" with a baby newly out of the baby home.

Yes, it's fun to make him giggle and smile. But, since he's probably slobbered on his own fingers in between rounds, and slobber is nearly indistinguishable when on toddler fingers, it is likely you'll be eating some of that toddler slobber and not just your own slobber left over from the last round of "eat your fingers". That toddler slobber just imbibed is, quite naturally, as it is the nature of slobber, germy. And, just like in the elementary school, daycare, and all other places children gather, those shared germs from the baby home are potent germs.

I've got a cold. Was this cold I caught from eating Bee's fingers completely worth the giggles and smiles that action elicited? A resounding YES. (And don't think AM is going to go all ballistic and Bronx on me for this. She and Zach have the same cold from the same adorable source.)

But for now, thoughtful posts will have to wait. I need orange juice and GH! (Big thanks to my forever friend, Nif, for providing the latter!)

Wow. Short-ish post. Some ridiculously long sentences, but short post.


Elle said...

I got the baby home super virus from playing eat the pre-moistened goldfish crackers when we went to meet the boy. Worth every second I spent on my death bed.

votemom said...

what is GH?

Tami said...

Awwww...hope you feel better soon, but worth every miserable second of it I'm sure.

Julie and John Wright said...

I love the road sign photo. where did you take it?

kate said...

julie, the sign is here in st. p. i think it beautifully sums up both driving in russia and my adoption process.

glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you're sick and I'm glad you have something to watch. Love, Nif