08 March 2009

Three years closer!

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That's 1096 sleeps closer to having d2b home. (Hey-in 15 days it'll be 1111 days. That's a cool one!)

Happy Women's Day!

You know, Women's Day here in Russia is a celebration of all women--married and single, working and not, daughters and mothers and grandmothers, the women of today and the girls who will be the women of tomorrow. Russians don't celebrate Mother's Day. They celebrate all women. I really, really like that.

It was a conscious decision to announce my adoption plans on this day. But, somehow, this anniversary seems even more fitting this year. I think it's one I'll celebrate the rest of my life.

I'm wondering what d2b is doing to celebrate.


Tami said...

Happy Women's Day! I am absolutely convinced this is the last Women's Day that you will be spending without d2b. From here on out, you will have your little one by your side. I can't to find out who she is! :)
BTW - my word verification is hottesse. Is that the female version of 'hottie'?...and what does it say about me?! ;>) HA!

Rachael said...

Well happy day to you!

Women's Day, and your 3 announcement anniversary.

Hope you find a good way to celebrate!

Tina in CT said...

Happy Woman's Day!!!!!! Three years!!!! Crazy and insane!!!!!!

Maura said...

Happy Women's Day! And happiness to you on your third anniversary of announcing your adoption plans, especially as you get much closer to the end of the journey. Hey, good things come in threes, right? ;-)

Unknown said...

What a great idea to announce adoption plans on this day! I was trying to remember today when I first found your blog. All I remember is a story about your car being moved for some parade or something. I don't know why, but I thought that story was so funny - and so beautifully Russian!

Happy Women's Day!

Debbie said...

Happy Women's Day to you -- experiencing it here is something I will always remember!

Heidi said...

Happy announciversary! Women's Day seems so much nicer... we really should honor all women. I like that.
As for waiting for time to pass: I used to want Tuesdays to come fast as that seemed to be the day we would be more likely to hear something. And ever since adoption, well, I'm addicted to email. Refresh refresh refresh!
Still waiting with you!

Anonymous said...

Hello, As a mom who adopted from Russia before I was just curious what was taking so long to get your girls.. I adopted a few times and it took about 9 months each child. Is there a different rule being that you live in Russia. Would love to hear about your progress. Do you have the girls pick out already?
Love to talk to you..
Stacey mockba0204@optonline.net