13 October 2009

"feline" better

Thanks for your concern for our feline friends.

Beazy is, indeed alive and mostly well. She was still pretty sick when we got home. She has some new food and she seems much better.

Actually, as both Lexi and Mia are a little skittish (Mia's never been around children), Lexi and Beazy have a better understanding. I've told her that Beazy is Mama's cat, so Lexi's less likely to act proprietarily with her than she does with "my cat!" aka Mia. And, Beazy will stand her ground. Beazy is a wonderful cat--liking to be with me, inquisitive, and a fan of Sesame Street. She also tends to move slowly and sleep a lot. ;>So, she and Lexi are getting along pretty well.

(I knew Lexi was a big "BertErnie" fan, but didn't know Beazy was as well. Who can resist "Doing the Pigeon"? Not these two!)

(After covertly watching this activity from the couch for days, Mia joined in the last round of trainspotting, too. I just didn't photograph it.)

Lexi tries to play with Mia by throwing things (cat toys, books, shoes) at her rather than for her. We're working on it. She also won't let Mia hunt the thrown object, but retrieves it herself. This has made Mia a little wary. And, when she rubs up against Lexi wanting to be pet, it startles Lexi.

I'm sure the two of them will work it out soon.


Annie said...

I love these pictures. I love the obvious cat and girl watching TV together, but I also love your child-friendly living room, the darling clothes that perfectly suit your darling girl (pretty and cozy), and that gorgeous view of a beautiful building outside your living room in a wonderful city in a splendid country.

What a happy, happy picture.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Annie! What a lovely home, city and country! Do you think you'll ever bring her back to the orphanage just to say hello to old friends? I didn't know if she would like that or not. My daughter says she wants to go back and visit everyone all the time. By the time we get the money to do it, she won't remember anybody anymore. I feel kind of bad about that. Happy family!

Erica H said...

How sweet! I love how the kitty's are hanging out with Lexi!

erica h
in wa

J. said...

It will be a slow learning process I'm sure. THere is just SO MUCH learning for these kids...everything is new. They lived a routine life for SO long, staring at the same walls, same toys, same people. They ate at the same time, ate the same foods, and did the same things each day. What a wonderful, yet overwhelming life they have now. She's doing great! YOU'RE doing great!


So cute!! She looks "at home"!
Well, it's been over three years and Delaney and our cat, Sadie, are still working things out!!
Good luck!! he he!

Glad everyone is well and acting like a normal family!!


yjwebers said...

Love all the pictures!

Tina in CT said...

Sweet pictures of your daughter (isn't that a great word) and cats.

Tammy said...

She is so cute standing right in front of the TV!

My dogs are still not too thrilled about Zachary either. I keep telling myself that they will work it out too LOL!

Kerry M said...

I still don't understand how Winston got all the gigantic cat genes. And now I'm wondering how he ended up with all the mean attack cat genes, too. Sweet Beazy!