02 January 2010

blue tape

So here's what I did this morning: I put bits of blue painter's tape on all my clean clothes. (And they're nearly all clean.)


I have entirely too many clothes. Seriously. I have six grey cardigans. Six. Sure, they range in shades of grey. Some are cotton. Some are cashmere. Some are long-sleeved and at least one is short-. But do I really need six? Hmm..maybe I actually do.

But that's just the example. I also have too many other cardigans, tee-shirts [Some have been infected with toxic sweat (I would link you to that post about the toxicity of sweat in Russia, but the search blog feature has stopped working on my blog. Why?) and I forget which ones until I put them on...and then for some insane reason I wash them! Why do I not just throw. them. out.? I will. really.] and various clothes that I rarely wear.

There are also clothes that don't fit. Not many that I've hung on to, but a few. Because, you know what? I was right to doubt (scoff, laugh hysterically at, generally berate the faster metabolisms of...) everyone who said the adoption weight would "just fall off when I had a little one home to chase around".

Um, no. I'm so tired, that I've got a Coca-Cola drip set up from awakening to quiet time. (Not really, but I'm drinking too much of it and/or tea. I'm not enough of a grown-up to like coffee.) Sugar, sugar, sugar. Better than @sp@rt@me, but certainly the lesser of two evils. And, we do much more sitting than running around both on the floor--doing puzzles, playing games, dressing Baby--and at the table--coloring, painting, playing with clay.

And I wasn't walking the 2+ miles daily to get to and from school, because we weren't in school. Of course we went for walks. But, nearby walks are all in our polluted, damp, dark city. So, we weren't walking every day. Now we're in school...but we drive. It's too much for little legs to do round-trip. Maybe in the spring. And there's not much life after school. That's all we do--school, recover, repeat.

But I *like* those clothes that don't fit. I like the way I looked then, even if I didn't realize it at the time. So even though I'm much bigger now, I'm not ready to give them up. But I know I should.

So--the tape. I thought if I was scientific about it, if there were empirical data, it might make it easier to part with some things. Every time I wear something, I'll take off the tape. (I really hope I remember to take the tape off. Elsewise I'll look mighty foolish.) Then, after a period of time as yet undetermined (Six weeks, maybe? But what about the springy-stuff? Spring comes at the end of May. That's more than six weeks. Hence, the "undetermined".), I'll bite the bullet and donate the still-taped clothing.

So, that's my little moment of productivity today. Oh--and I started to add tucks to the hem of Lexi's coming-home dress (which was even too short for my taste when we came home) so she can wear it longer. But. That is one looooooong hem (as in, it's a very full dress) and I need to make more. Bleh.

I was a very productive girl! Of course, I didn't get in as many games of Memory as I usually do. I'm off to take care of that now.

And my poor, pitiful little friend who's been puny all day has just developed a fever. We have one more week off school...I hope we're healthy.


Lindy D. said...

I've read of another method whereby you turn all the hangers in your closet backwards and then turn them forwards again when the clothes are worn. Donate all clothes on backward hangers.

I'm an "organize and donate" closet freak, but don't think I would give things away based on six weeks of wear. One's clothes have too many emotional attachments for that. I move clothes to a "Goodwill" section of my coat closet before donating them. It is a good test to see whether I pull them out for any reason.

Do you buy any clothes is Russia or does "cute in Russia" apply to adult clothing, too?

kate said...

Lindy, it MORE than applies. It's not even cute IN Russia. Russian fashion--bright, tight, and pointed. Lots of synthetics. Very expensive.

Annie said...

I just have had too many experiences of finding that I wear and love something that has for some reason remained unworn for years. And, vice versa - giving something away then needing it. I do actually give a lot away, though. No duplicates.

I frequently think about your "cute in Russia" post, and as I am picking what I think are adorable things for Sergei's sister's little girl, I hope they aren't just "cute in America".

emma said...

um, yeah.

one would expect to lose a butt-load (literally) of weight if one adds two toddlers to one's life.

um, no.

the tape is a really good idea.

(emma's mom)

Unknown said...

You know what I do for a living, don't you?

Well, here is my expert advice:

1. if you can't think of at least 3 different ways to wear an item, donate it.

2. if you can't remember the last time you wore it, donate it.

3. if something has signs of wear / stains (this would tell me you wear it a lot) - put it on the list of things to replace...and toss the stained piece.

4. if it doesn't fit - donate it. If / when you get back to that size, chances are you won't want to wear that one thing...and when you get back to that size, treat yourself to a new _______ (fill in the blank)

Unknown said...

...and about cute clothes in Russia. Well, I will say that I am a shopper - I actually am a professional, and rarely have I seen anything that I would walk across the street for. Coats - yes, some nice ones (have a nice peach colored one). The boots are great (shoes, well...)

Is this your experience too?

Julie H said...

I have clothes in my closet from high school that I do NOT fit in. I definitely have clothes attachment. Let me know if the blue tape works. I like it. Hope Lexi feels better.

The Accidental Mommy said...

Good idea with the tape. I have a jam packed closet and I wear maybe 3 inches of what is on the rail. Problem is all the once a year clothes, along with all my old professional clothes that I want to keep when I go back to work.
Kathy has good idea's too!

Suzanne said...

I like the tape idea -- my closet is packed with project clothes, clothes for getting yucky in. Do I really need 20 different outfits for dirty work? I think not.

kate said...

Kathy, I love your list. And while I know that I might not want to wear an old favorite even if I was that size again, I haven't let go of the classics--twin sets, my cut-off olive green trousers (classic to me on weekends!), etc.

BUT, the too-small twin sets have already hit the donation box.

The tape is going to help me with #2.

And, I admit, I keep the worn pieces after I've replaced them--thinking I'll use them for painting, cleaning, etc. BUT no more! They've already been pitched...because if they're in with the others, I have found that I've put them on when in a morning rush...and left the new, replacement in the closet!

Juls, "clothes attachment"! I love it. That's definitely what I'm suffering from.

Annie, yes there is a "cute in America". Sort of. I would say that the sweeter something is, the less it is appreciated by the pre-teens up here. We lament how fast children are growing up today...and it's even faster here. But, the older generation appreciates "sweet". The little one you're shopping for is young enough, if I remember correctly, that you'll be fine!

Tina in CT said...

My closets are full of "when I lose weight" clothes. I finally did donate all the 6 and 8's. I've held on to others. I just cannot part with all my Scotish kilts though. If I could fit into them, I'd wear them. My favorite winter outfit is a kilt, tights, turtleneck and pullover sweater. Where I work, they keep the heat way too high and I'd not be able to dress like that though or I'd melt.

Good luck with your system. It would take me way too long to tape everything I own.

Enjoy the remainder of your vacation.

Hope Lexi bounces back quickly.

Annie said...

Julianna is just 2 - I'm only hoping that her mamma is not hoping to dress her in leopard print satin. My tastes are a lot like yours, adding in a touch of "prairie". Lydia wore just about nothing except smocked dresses until she was in fourth grade. Such an obliging child. :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that "you'll lose the weight when your child is home!" is utter BS. I am at least a size bigger now than I was then, and it's not like I was svelte to start with. I still live in hope though, so I haven't cleaned out my closet either.