13 February 2010


The car. Let's just, for the sake of titles, call it a large appliance.

Last Monday, after a huge, exhausting, and very typical song and dance involving closed police stations, investigators who were reassigned to cleaning icicles, and a clandestine game of phone tag in which one party would not disclose his phone number so we had to relay all calls through his colleague, we left school for a couple hours and went to the militsia. (Now Lexi thinks we should do this every day. It was a nice break from kindergarten...)We filed a report and got our piece of paper. The report lists last Friday as the date they were stolen as helpful friend said it would be suspicious to have the real date on there. This concerns me a little.

The piece of paper went to the consulate on Friday. (No, the school's driver couldn't be bothered to go before then. Big surprise.) The consulate motorpool head filed the piece of paper that same day--new plates are in process. We might have them by the end of the week. That would be nice because we have the week after next OFF!

My refrigerator smells like bandaids. My friend laughed and thought Lexi had been putting things away. I was sure it was more.

It's more. The top shelf of my 'frige is now a toasty 14C. The bottom shelf is -1C. the produce trays, I'm sure, are even colder. I just haven't put the thermometer in there--but everything was frozen solid.

So I'm just using the middle shelf.

Same thing for the freezer (ice cube trays on the top shelf are all water) except I'm just using the bottom shelf there.

Someone supposedly came and looked at it this week. What they did beyond moving the thermometer I don't know.


Annie said...

I guess that explosion took its toll on your refrigerator, too....and my drier. At least 50% of the time it is beeping and showing codes that do not appear in the handbook. I just try to ignore it and dry clothes during the 50% of the time it is working.

Lindsay said...

I swear I have the same repair man! They must have all gone to the same training school!

votemom said...

this is a depressing update.

julian said...

Who knew Frozen Food smelled like bandaids?
Bless your heart. Ya just can't win for losing. Soon. That's all I can say..

Jenni said...

How do you have any hair left? If I had to deal with half of what you do, I'd be tearing mine all out!