20 June 2010

a star is nurtured

The signs were all there, so today was the day.

We'd gone from singing Mary Poppins to Les Miz. Then, last night as I was making dinner, I sang a song to her that transfixed Miss Lex. I sang it a million and four times between dinner last night and breakfast this morning--not even drawing breath before she'd say, "Sing it again!". If that's the reaction It's a Grand Night for Singing (Great song for changing the words to suit the occasion.) had, I knew it was time.

Today, Lexi got her first taste of Judy Garland and Gene Kelly.

There's no going back now.


nicole said...

lolo yay lex.. my 4yr old sings her heart out too the barbie songs form the barbie cd..i love this age...huggs from canada..

Maura said...

Sing it, C girls! :-)

Dawn said...


The Accidental Mommy said...

Oh come on! I know you know how to videotape and transfer to the computer and place in a blog post. I KNOW you know!!!

kate said...

Es, I will...but the week after school ends I'm good for NOTHING. (Hence the movie.) My whole body just aches with tiredness. I even looked at the video camera sitting on my desk as she started tapping...

Soon. I doubt this will end anytime soon.

espe said...

Hey Great Kate! I remember one of my favorite responses from Fred Astaire when asked which one of his many dancing partners was his favorite....Gene Kelly!



Josephina Finchworth said...

We adopted our eldest son from Russia in 2001!

I'm racing my brother to gather 100international flags and all 50 US state flags. Please come visit my blog of strange and lovely photos and let my flag counter record your flag!! Thanks!

(but my real blog is themonkeysthree.blogspot.com)

Anonymous said...

One of my son's first songs was "I Have Dreamed" from The King and I. We would giggle about the line, "I have dreamed that your arms are lovely."

Tomorrow he and I are attending summer freshman college orientation -- his major: Music Education, Vocal.

During high school, he was in Children of Eden, played Linus in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, played Joe in FAME, was Munkestrap in CATS, and stunned everyone as Jean Valjean in Les Mes. {tears}