28 September 2010

do you blog?

Really, I used to post.

The posts were often well-written. Go troll through the archives and have a look. There's good stuff in there!

Recently, we had a visit from my Russian sw. She says that Lexi and I now look alike. Actually, we hear that often from Russian friends. They seem very relieved.

Tomorrow we head to Frankfurt to see our American sw. Fortunately, she has scheduled our visit at a series of swimming pools/water slides/saunas. Fun! We'll either take in the zoo or do some shopping Friday and then come back.

I'll see what I can manage to post that is mildly entertaining or informative but not too revealing. That's a tough line to walk!

(For the car fans out there: I have invested an absurd amount of money in a parking space nearby. So far, so good.)

Thanks for sticking around!


Annie said...

She is probably growing to look like you... I didn't think she did at first, but these things happen!

I've not worried about being revealing, but kept my blog only for people "out there" who I don't see every day. I'm glad. There are one or two exceptions.

I've been too busy to blog for the past few weeks, but wish so much I could blog about my school. I am just a tiny bit fearful that someone involved with it could find my blog and that would be too bad. I'm not sure what to do about it.

I have no desire to steer clear of revelation! For me, that is what blogs are about. It is depressing to be simply newsy.

Lindsay said...

You might like this http://edition.cnn.com/2010/LIVING/09/24/tf.should.moms.blog.kids/index.html

I think there has to be a thought in your head about the future ramifications of blogging in public, because once it is out there, it is there forever. And our kids may not be happy with that in years to come.

Are you and Lexi alike? Oh yes. Same great sense of humour and joy in life.

Have a great time in Frankfurt. Hope all goes well and you have a fabulous time enjoying all that the city has to offer you.

julian said...

I am an open book. Funny, I chose Russia so our adoption could be safely private, if I wanted...Now all I talk about is Russia.But to each his own!
And does your car have a name?
Mine is called Poodle. My sis and I have named our cars since we were kids...If I were to name your car, it would be a girl's name, and along the lines of Thelma or Loiuse, or Bonnie, or LuLu....

McMary said...

I am terrible at blogging since home with Hannah--mostly because I don't want to do it unless I have the time to write a lenghty newsy update on all that is going on and I rarely have time for anything like that so I don't blog.
For the same reason I have not been good at keeping up on other's blogs either.
Having said that--I love reading your blog and your writing style. But if you go private and we lose touch, I will understand and wish you only the best.

rolise said...

That is funny about you and Lexi looking alike. I thought so also but at work don't get the word verifications so could not post. Her hair is definitely lighter maybe she got a lot more sun this summer? Yes I like to read about Lexi but also really enjoyed your blog before you got her and when you wrote about every day stuff living as an ex pat in Russia. You also talked about your class in general terms and visiting the orphanage girls. So I hope you keep posting but also understand if you decide not to.

Tina in CT said...

Have a good visit to Frankfurt. I spent a day or two there the summer of 1971 after my ex and I drove around Europe for over a month. Since he was a naval submarine officer, we got to spend time at the O club and drank more Black cat wine than we should have.

Hope you don't quit blogging so we all can watch your daughter grow.

beckyww said...

You're both beautiful - inside and out!