21 October 2010

sneak peek

at our trunk-or-treat outfit.

Trunk-or-treat was last Friday, and Lexi was beyond thrilled with her costume. Here is the sneak peek from last Thursday's final preparations.

Tricking out the treat bag.

Just beyond delighted at how she matches the book. She spent all night telling me how she was going to be in a book tomorrow. ;>

Ladybug Girl!

She didn't like the scary costumes (and we had a lot of them. Halloween is an American holiday. While the other kids at our school are excited to dress up, they all think a scary costume--witch, vampire, etc.--is required. We say over and over that it's not...but they don't believe us.), it was cold (even snowed--bringing joy to this Colorado-girl's heart), and after one round of treats she decided to put on her coat and swing. All in all, an excellent introduction to Halloween.

(Frustrated with blogger's formatting gremlins, I took this post down quickly last week. Hopefully this looks better!)


Tina in CT said...

One word: ADORABLE!!!!!

Maura said...

She's just adorable - looks so happy. And the boots make the outfit complete!

Deb said...

That is a BIG treat bag.
Adorable bug! I'm with her on scary costumes.

www.adventureswithaidan.org said...

Love the costume!!! Adorable! And I also love the quote from the X-files--used to be one of my favorite shows. Was it the Smoking Man who said that?

God Bless!

Melissa said...

she looks great. Olivia was a ladybug for a halloween party when she was younger. how are you all doing?

BindiM said...

It must be a European thing about the scary costumes. We are at an international school in Vienna and the darling little 3 year olds turn up with fake blood dripping from their faces! We like cute costumes much better. Love your blog :)