02 April 2011

bits of nothing

Well, let's see...

We have one more week of school until spring break. And, this year, except for October when we went to France, a holiday means...getting sick. Yep. Just a cold. Hopefully it will be on the wane by this time next week.

Another thing to add to your harder-being-single list is...delousing. How am I supposed to do this by myself? Sigh. I think I've been successful...but...I guess we won't know for a couple of weeks. I found a couple of what-might-be-eggs but they were much bigger and plumper than I thought they'd be...so maybe I have fleas, too? Shudder. Laugh! Not serious about the fleas. And I found ONE lousy louse. It's only a maybe-louse because it's so, so small. Those giant eggs did not come from this little speck. Unless they grew tremendously after being laid...

This just creeps me out. Moving on.

I've been in touch with a "searcher", someone who will find Lexi's birthfamily and pass on a letter in the hopes of filling in some gaps in her history. BUT it turns out I have the only parental rights termination document in all of Russia that does not contain an address. I don't have anything with an address. I only have a city...and it's a big one. He told me yesterday that he won't be able to help us.

While going through all those documents, I decided to put all the disparate bits of information from different sources together in a timeline for Lexi. And looking at the information I do have would make anyone weep. How this little spark survived and still is able to "attach" is nothing short of a miracle. She should be a movie of the week. (Do they still have movies of the week? I don't think so.)

Private blogging. Hmmm...it has kept us more, well, private. But, it's kept us WAY more private than I thought. I had no idea so many people relied on feedreaders to read blogs. Now that we're private people check in wayyyy less often. I know that's my fault--if I posted every day people would check more often. Not sure that to do about this...

Lexi got a camera from a friend for her birthday last year. I think I'll put the year's worth of photos into a slide show for her--and maybe someday a photo book. They're...interesting with moments of genius.

EIGHT is creeping up on us. Not sure what to do about the party. Usually she tells me all her friends will come to our house to eat cake and have a party. (Sound like last year?) Yesterday she told me only the boys would come. ;> Last year it was only the girls, so I guess that's fair. And, the two parties she's been invited to this year were both boys' parties... I'm a "whole class" kind of inviter for this age. And it will be a goodbye party of sorts. So...we'll see. I was thinking bowling, but maybe they're all coming here again.


votemom said...

lice?! noooooo!

i have, thus far, escaped this in my 24 yrs of being a mother. will i be spared with the last two? please oh please i hope so!



Unknown said...

We're still checking and praying for you and Lexi and your new home, wherever it is. We miss you!

Lea said...

I still check in also, although I am not checking blogs as often as I once did (nor updating mine:). It is just a very busy time for us but it should settle down very soon and then, hopefully, things will get back to normal.....new normal though, since we will start homeschooling.

Currently I am having fun thinking about all of the fun things we might be able to do in the back yard (big sand, dirt, pea gravel pit area for making roads, playing with cars/trucks, etc., tree house, zip line, etc. I am excited! It will be nice to finally have a fun backyard.

So, when will you be moving back? You have some exciting changes coming. I will pray for you both.

Lindsay said...

Sorry you're not getting futher with the search for family information. I hope you get something, somehow. Fingers crossed for you.

Eight?? Oh my goodness. Already. Hope Lexi has a fantastic birthday when it comes :)

Not even going to think about the lice! No way. Gross.

Russia lite misses you guys :)

Deb said...

Yeah, didn't have a feed in my reader had no idea... Anyhow....

Sad about not being able to search for her birth family. Maybe one day. Good that she's a miracle child and doesn't seem to need it for her, but it helps to know the details.

You're moving! Exciting!

Maura said...

Saw that you weren't updating the photo blog anymore, and just checked out this "older" blog on a whim and so glad I did. Great to read and catch upon you and Lexi.

Sorry that your search is not panning out as you'd wanted. We are just about to start ours - with fingers crossed.

You are on a much-needed and well-deserved break as I read this. I hope you are enjoying your time with Lexi. And hoping everything falls into place for your big move.