26 May 2011


Air France (SPB to Paris) has the weight limit.

On Delta (Paris to Cinci) a cat just has to fit comfortably under the seat. she will. so...will that help? possibly.

Please will you pray our sweet kitty, Beazy onto the plane and into the cabin with us? I know it's silly, but we'll all feel so much better if we're sitting together.

eta: AF website looks very inflexible. While we are booked as a cabin pet, I am afraid they won't let us on. (I told the booking agent how much she weighed, but the agent still booked us. Will they weigh her?)

I guess she could be "cargo" on the AF flight and then we could take her on board the Delta flight...but I'm not mad keen on that idea. I'm not keen on that idea AT ALL.

I feel like an idiot for making my reservation after doing research...but didn't do enough research to find out until we booked that it is an AF flight and not a Delta flight AND that their requirements were so vastly different. Everything, of course, is non-refundable.


votemom said...

can you get kitty sedatives for beazy?

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

Definitely praying that this all goes smoothly, friend.


kate said...

It is not recommended to sedate animals during flight, especially if they're not in the cabin. It throws off their ability to balance.

Marshwiggles said...

Forgot to mention in phone conversation--it's a family trait. Winston is 18 lbs, and the vet wants him to get down to 13. Yeah, like that will happen.

Lindsay said...

I'm think they'll not take her out and weigh her. How much over the limit is she when in the animal carrier? Maybe you can claim you have a heavy cage?

Or just tell her to suck in her stomach :)

Fingers crossed for you.

Lea said...

Catching up on your posts. Wow, a lot going on. I will definitely keep you all in my prayers through all of this, including little Beazy. In God's hands...

Jim said...

Been gone for a while (in your neck of the woods, more or less!) but just now catching up on posts.

I have a feeling you'll be OK. My experience with AF people is that they don't like to create extra work for themselves. If you run into an issue with Beazy's weight, maybe you can ask if there is an extra fee you can pay to cover the extra weight?

In any case, I will pray for a safe flight and a safe transfer at CDG. I have done that enough times to have great sympathy for you. Hope it's not a hot day.