27 June 2008


Not really enough for a potluck here...just some leftovers.

I'm back on antibiotics. This time it's 15 days of Avelox (and lots of "good bacteria" capsules). As soon as I go off an antibiotic, two days later I'm sick again. So, this "persistent bactrial infection" is now getting zapped by long-term antibiotics.

Some of my yahoos have also added vitamin D to my Rx. I tried to buy the kind recommended to me at two different places with no success. They each gave me the phone number (only three digits--like the number for roadside assistance which you know I have memorized) but I'm not very good at talking on the phone in Russian. It takes away my pantomime skills. Calling a taxi is easy because it follows a script. Calling to ask where in the city I might find this product would likely give me TMRI.

Instead went to my favorite, little tiny apteka. I didn't go there first because I had to buy cat litter and they other places were by the zoo market. I almost didn't go at all because I thought it might be so obscure a product that I'd have to go to the huge apteka further along. But, because it's my favorite, I stopped in anyway.

The people there are always nice. They are always interested in talking to me--asking questions about my life here and in the US. They are patient. And, they almost always have what I need--whether it's cat medicine or mosquitol. This time, they didn't have it, but the pharmacist asked where I was sick.

I explained I have had a bacterial infection for many, many days. (I always forget the word for weeks when I need it.) I am taking antibiotics and Actimel. My friend in America, who is a nurse, said I need vitamin D.

Questions about whether I actually need an Imm0dium-like product.

No, vitamin D.

Voila! I have it both in capsule and in liquid form.

The head of the motorpool at the consulate (much better, kinder, more helpful than our guy at school) dealt with the garage for me. We're not doing the brakes now. And, we're using some sort of soft piping that I don't quite understand...It should be ready in a week and a half.

Moving day is approaching! Hooray! Delicate Movers will be here Tuesday morning to pack and then delicately move my things across the courtyard. They're planning on bubble-wrapping my desk.

That possible adoption news I had for you this week looks like it might come next week.


Tami said...

Yeah!...on the moving, car and adoption news.
UGH!...on the health news. I'm sorry you're still feeling so yucky. Hopefully this new medication will kick it! :)

arachesostufo said...

ciao, from italia with love

sandy said...

I hope you're feeling better soon!

You mentioned something called mosquitol, what is that? Is it medicine that you put on after you get a mosquito bite? The orphanage we visited has requested we look for some mosquito-bite spray that you treat bites with, but I'm not sure what they are talking about. Thanks!

(Glad to read that you had someone help you out with the car repairs!)

kate said...

Sandy, Mosquitol is even better! It's a plug-in thing that kills all the bugs. It's so effective that I think it's pretty toxic. I only plug mine in at night.

They might mean zeloniki--the green medicine that they put on bug bites, chicken pox, cuts, etc.

When I went to the apteka for it (I didn't have the box) they asked if I wanted cream, spray...so maybe they *do* make a spray. Or maybe you could just bring some calamine lotion or bactine from home.

sandy said...

Aha, bactine.... maybe that's what they were referring to. I saw the green-stuff on our little girl at the orphanage, so I don't think they meant that. I'll get some bactine, hydrocortisone, and calamine. Thanks!