22 June 2008

mini bite, 2

I'm not sure about the new X-Files movie. (Thanks, M, for the heads up! I know nothing about pop culture living here.)

I went and watched the preview. Hm. (with only one "m") Almost a "huh" without a question mark.

Chris Carter said somewhere (no footnotes, remember?) that the X-files was always a romance; that the rare, intellectual romance between Mulder and Scully was what appealed most to the fans. I would agree. Love it.

But, I also liked them riding off into the sunset together at the end of the series. (Let's not get into a discussion about that last season right now, okay? I'm still sick.) Because, let's face it, a girl's not all intellect.

And the trailer made it look like they've been in separate sunsets.

Unless that was a trick.

And it could be.

But I don't really want to go and see that they fought and split up after a year. Or have been living separate lives for the safety of their child. Or whatever.

Of course, that's only the writer's opinion.

And what do they know?

Not as much as me.

For example, I know Scarlett got Rhett back. (And don't even mention that pseudo-sequel that I refused to read. Rubbish. Leave it alone. It didn't have to be written. We knew.)

But I have to see this movie. I might even go see it in Russian. Maybe. If I can find it. Maybe it will even be in English with Russian subtitles!

So, if those writers mess things up and say that Mulder and Scully split up, I can just ignore the writers and concentrate on what I know is the truth.

After all, the truth is out there, and 24 July is another day.


Jenni said...

I'm skeptical about the movie too because I'm afraid it may ruin a good thing. I guess I'll just have to see it and decide for myself.

That would be awesome if they showed it in English with Russian subtitles! It would be very strange to see Mulder and Scully taking with Russian voices.

kate said...

Jenni, my hopes have been dashed! There's already a trailer out there in Russian.

I can hope for a bootleg dvd...

Allison B said...

OK, this is just freaky. I thought I'd read this entry several days ago...checked the comments, and they were written 16 June, which is 6 days before the entry is now dated. And it's an entry on the X-Files movie. Hmm.... (with 2 m's)