13 June 2008

when is a cold not acute bronchitis?

When it's drug-resistant bronchitis/tonsilitis/uri.

(You don't have to read any further. I'm going to be fine. What follows is a tedious re-telling of today's visit to the doctor; a story every sickie tells and no one really wants to hear...)

Yep. I saw the good doctor that I saw in December today. Dr. V is great. He listens to everything you say. In English. He asks questions. I always go in to the doctor a little apologetic, feeling like I should just tough it out. This visit was no different, especially since my major complaint was that I just didn't feel better. (And I had a new fever.) But, Dr. V didn't tell me to tough it out. He was a bit cross with Dr. Peach Oil (snake oil is more like it), said my temp was elevated, my white cells were up in Monday's bloodwork and it was clear from the white stuff and pus in my throat that I had tonsilitis. Kinda wonder about an ENT who misses that. Kinda wonder about the silver tongue depressor he used (instead of the individually-wrapped wooden ones)...and how sterile it was. Told Dr. V on him just in case he cross-infected me.

After a thorough exam, Dr. V did blood work (nach) and came in mid-result and hooked me up to an IV of antibiotics. My white cells are high and my new white cells are very high. (My poor little soldiers are being slaughtered. The new troops are pouring in to help.) I've had antibiotic shots in the US but never an antibiotic IV. I've never had any IV. This took about an hour. I was paranoid that the nurse wouldn't come back before the line was completely empty and I'd die from an air bubble. I tried calling out when the bag was empty and what was left in the line started sucking its way into me, but no one came. There was no call button. I decided if it got to halfway, I'd take the IV pole and go find someone. (Give me a break. I'm sick. I'm feverish. And I'm new at this IV thing. And, you'll find another reason for heightened paranoia in the final parenthetical expression.) It nearly did, but the nurse arrived in time. My other option was to pull the line out myself. I'm sure it would've hurt...but at least I'd still be alive.

Dr. V sent me home with a new anitbiotic, tablets to keep my good bacteria intact, and instructions to rest for three days. He also gave me strict instructions to call if I don't feel better by then, made an appointment to see me in a week, and started a throat culture just in case these antibiotics don't work.

I am feeling in very capable hands. Lesson learned: no more Dr. PO. PO is too close to poo.

(I know. Tedium. But this is all I'm doing...except re-watching X-files in order. The truth is out there.)


Tina in CT said...

Are you going to Russian doctors? Isn't there a European Medical Center like in Moscow with US doctors or doctors trained here in the US or in Europe?

I'd have freaked if I'd had the IV and it was empty.

Maggie said...

I hope you feel better soon.

You have heard that there's going to be a X-Files movie, right?


Anonymous said...

Oh thank God you were able to see the competent doc again - sounds like he actually knows what he is doing.

And good for you for braving the IV. I've had a few and (after the first one) they are not too scary.

I'm pretty sure an empty IV bag won't force an air bubble into your bloodstream. But what do I know?

emjay said...

Oh, Kate. Thank goodness you finally got to see the competent doctor. I hope the rest and those antibiotics do their thing and that you feel better quickly.

Enjoy your X-files marathon. :-)

Lea said...

So sorry to hear that you are so sick. I hope you are feeling better very soon. Sounds like you saw a good doctor this time. Feel better! (did that work?:)

Мatt & Carla Morgan said...

Girl! Through our wait for court - we have watched EVERY X-file in order - we have 8 left in season 9 to cap off the series :)

The truth is definitely out there!

Feel better soon! But, in the meantime - enjoy the phenomena!


Jim said...

Kate - I hope your new antibiotic works. It's not fun being sick that long with an infection that is not in check.

kim said...

I know you are not feeling very humorous right now, but hearing you tell that story cracked me up. It was not too long ago I was stuck in the sticks of Russia with an extremely ill child... so I understand about "Dr. Peach Oil."

Hopefully the IV antibiotics will be quick acting and you will begin to feel better sooner rather than later.

Take care of yourself!

Allison B said...

Sorry to hear you're still feeling icky. We had a 6-week cold going around here over the winter...I was lucky, mine only lasted a month. I just can't imagine being sick as long as you have. I've heard great things about IV antibiotics. Hope this treatment does the trick for you!

I picked out a bathroom set for you, for such a time as you have a kid(s)' bathroom. (Or should that be "kid'(s)," or "kid(')s(')"? Just no proper way to do the apostrophe when the single or plural of kid isn't knows...and I can't stand misplaced apostrophes.) Target has this set, towels, shower curtain, shower curtain hooks, toothbrush holder, etc. It's a jungle theme, with lions, monkeys...and ELEPHANTS, of course!

Carrie said...

Oh Kate, no fun at all being sick, especially when it warrants iv antibiotics! I sincerely hope you feel right as rain very, very soon.

Have to admit, I've never seen the X-Files. Okay, so I haven't seen a bunch of shows...Sex and the City, CSI, the Sopranos. I could go on and on.

kate said...

M--I was HOPING but didn't know it was in the works. Hooray!!

Tina--This IS the "western" medical clinic.

Allison--I so understand the apostrophe dilemma. It makes writing this blog a challenge. Maybe we'll know soon where to put that apostrophe.

Kim-laugh away. Even at the time I knew I was being a little ridiculous. ;>

Carrie--Haven't seen SATC (I thought it was s IN tc-shows what I know) or Sopranos either. Not a single epi.

Everyone--Thanks for indulging my stories. I'm on the mend.

Debbie B said...

A silver tongue depressor...
Ouch! Taking your own IV out.
I sure hope the new stuff works. Sounds like Dr V knows his stuff and will get you taken care of.

Anonymous said...

Love from El Paso. The last time Ben had pneumonia and spent the night in the hospital, he had an IV with antibiotics so you're in good company. You guys can compare stories. He was very brave. I'm sure you were too. GWS

Janine said...

I wonder if there is something icky still going around. I'm surprised to find myself still with a sore throat 2 weeks later..I'm starting to suspect possible strep. I've never been sick in June before. I too am finding I have to bite the bullet and go in to see my doc. I hope my experience is not as dramatic as yours. :-) I'm glad you got meds and hopefully will kick this thing fast!