20 September 2009

call to knees

I know in the middle of all this you're praying for me and Lexi and a smooth time finishing all the paperwork. Thank you, thank you!

Could you (if you don't think I'm insane)pray for my cat, too? I know this is a crazy request. But, she's a little sick. I think my housekeeper gave her tapwater. Great, huh? It could be adjusting to a new food, but the new food was more than a bag ago and I was careful to change it gradually, mixing it with the old, etc. The old food made their fur fall out. The new food is lamb and chicken--should be easy to digest, not hard.

And, the last time I went away without her, she quit eating. Remember that? And she nearly died.

And now I'm going away again...and I'm worried about her. She's a one-person cat, my Beazy.

So, if you feel comfortable praying for a cat, please pray for mine.


Andrea said...

Kate, Beazy already has a spot in my prayers for your family :) I've been lifting up the likely difficulty of her adjustment to life with a child in the house; her stomach will now join her mental health in my prayers! ;)

(I am sure Denver would send his regards to Beazy, but he is too busy racing himself up and down the length of our home ... I can't tell if he is winning or losing, but he seems pretty desperate about it. Dakarai is watching him closely, clearly of the opinion that his new roommate is out of his mind)

Jim said...

Beazy added to prayer list.

Thank you for reminding us about her fierce loyalty-- loyalty to a fault. I pray that she will recover from whatever made her slightly sick, and that she will handle your absence with Lexi well.

And I know you're not quite leaving yet, but have a great pick-up trip!

Tami said...

Sure! Beazy is one of God's creatures too! We'll add her to our prayer list! :)

Kerry M said...

Tell Beaz than Winston is recovering (slowly) from a particularly disgusting cat absess involving an expensive run to the vet and a lot of medicine shoved down his throat. Surely there must be some genetic pluckiness that she can dig down and find!

Can't wait to hear about the big pick up! We're counting along too.

Tammy said...

Cats are just as much a part of the family! Of course I will pray for her as well!

Change is really hard on pets. My dogs don't deal well with it at all either. Just tell Breazy that this is only the beginning of change LOL!!

You are both getting soooo close....soon and very soon!

Allison B said...

NO problem here with praying for your kitty.

I have one who's starved herself nearly to death twice. She's also very much a one-person cat. I reconciled myself a few years ago that she probably wouldn't be a kitty who lived to 20. Well, as of this month, she's 18. Just had a senior check-up--we're changing her diet because of preliminary signs of kidney trouble, but that's it.

Another of my kitties had a stomach bug a few weeks ago. He was pathetic. Not eating at all, and this is a cat who lives to eat. Lying around with no energy, not coming out to greet me. Took him to the vet...$129 of exam, tests, meds, and special food later...5 minutes home, he had his head in the bowl of crusted-over food left from breakfast. Almost normal by bedtime, completely back to normal within a couple of days.

Best wishes and prayers for your kitty, and for all of you in the adjustments to come!

Heidi said...

Saying pretty kitty prayers!
I totally get it, my mom has a one person cat too.
Happy Rainbow Day!!!

Fran said...

Happy Rainbow Day to you and Lexi. And your poor kitty, the changes she'll have to endure! But now she'll have two people in her life to love. Of course, Beazy is in my prayers as well. Our kitties are a very important part of our lives.

Jackie said...

Hoping your Beazy is on the way to feeling better by now.

Anonymous said...


As former Beazy holder for you I know that she will need a little getting used to the new situation, but she will love it when she gets extra attention. Praying for you all!

Kathy Friend said...

Oh corse I will pray for the cat! As a fellow crazy cat person, I can certainly feel for you on this one. I think about my fur babies all the time - what in the world are they going to do when we have to be in RUssia for at least 4 weeks to pick up our little one? They don't eat much either when we're gone...

So yes, I will be praying for you, Lexi and for Beazy!