28 June 2005

Have you heard? There's a rumour in St. Petersburg!

Did anyone recognize those lyrics? They're from the opening number in the fabulous animated musical, Anastasia. (I'm not keen on Rasputin constantly decaying before my eyes, but the rest is brill!)

Why these lyrics, you ask. Well, the rumour is founded. I've been transferred from the Moscow AAS to the St. Petersburg AAS. It's a much smaller school. I'll be teaching a combined class of second- and third-graders. I'm very excited about this opportunity. There are many opportunities for me to develop a drama program for all of the students--grades K-12. I find that I like to teach primary school and direct upper school students. I should have the best of both now. The thought of teaching a multi-aged class is a little daunting, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

St. Petersburg has always held a magic for me. It's a lovely, gracious city filled with history. I look forward to discovering it for myself--and to sharing it with you.



Anonymous said...

Wow! Good thing you are flexible. Did the Indian students end up coming or did the St. Petersburg school just decide they couldn't let you go? Now I really need to come visit you!

Anonymous said...

Have you heard what they're saying on the streets? I need to learn some more Russian. Can't wait to see pictures. Love, Julie

Julie said...

Kiss me Kate! And the clock is way cool. Way to accessorize your blog.

Curious Servant said...

Stopped by and spent some time reading your blog.

I thought I'd leave a note saying I was here.

Good luck in St. P

*ks* said...

Not only did I recognize the lyrics...I was singing them in my head as I read it! =) Glad to know you are settled and can't wait to hear more details! Love, Kelly S