19 March 2006

Slutskaya's okay

(**Note: The lack of details in the story at the beginning of this blog should only strengthen the fact that this intuitive reaction to an actor is an everyday occurrence and not, therefore, worthy of note. It should in no way reflect poorly on the blogger's writing ability.)

One time, my friend Lara and I were watching something with Maura Tierney in it. (It was before she was on ER so maybe it was News Radio). I must've said something about how she and I would be good friends because a few weeks later, Lara came and told me that she'd seen an interview with Maura, and we had very similar tastes and hobbies--right down to a love of riding the NY subway! She asked how I knew that, and I told her I just did. It's easy for me to watch an actor and know if we're sympatico. Sandra Bullock--good friend. Julia Roberts--no way. David Duchovny--friend. Bonnie Hunt--good friend and mentor. Lane Davies and Nancy Lee Grahn--very good friends. Courtney Cox--not my friend, but no animosity. Paul Reiser--good friend. Tom Hanks--great friend. And so it goes.

I'm not as good with athletes. Maybe it's because an actor shows a bit of himself or herself every time he tackles a new role. An athlete doesn't get that opportunity. But one athlete I am friends with is Irina Slutskaya. She's someone I'd like to go out and have a cup of coffee (only in the generic sense--I still don't drink coffee) with. So, I was incredibly disappointed with her bronze medal in this Olympics. She's worked so hard for so long! (And, I didn't like the Japanese skater at all--too mechanical, no passion) While it was great for the US to win the last two golds, they were won by "temporary" skaters. Have you seen Tara or Sarah since? But, Irina, like Michelle Kwan, is a SKATER. And, I admit, the stories about how the former-soviet athletes are treated when they don't win had me worried. I thought she might be really depressed after the bronze.

Just in case you were worried, too, I wanted to let you know that Ira's fine. I saw her and many other Olympic skaters at an exhibition a little while ago. She was warmly greeted by the crowd. She skated well and had a big grin on her face the whole time. She giggled and talked during the curtain call. She looked happy.

I hope you're feeling as happy the next time your expected gold turns to bronze!

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