01 April 2006

Agency decision!

To quote Cinderella in Stephen Sondheim's "Into the Woods": I know what my decision is, it is not to decide.

Actually, I decided to do things backwards. I'm having my homestudy done and submitting my INS forms while I wait to hear about re-accreds in May. And guess what--my homestudy is THIS WEEK!!! It will either be on Monday or Tuesday. I'm so glad we're on spring break right now. And, the homestudy will be completed by the owner of one of the agencies I'm considering. Another family in St. P (I teach their daughter) is adopting with this agency. It's nice to have someone close at hand who is one step ahead of me in this process.

I have to get all my pre-hs paperwork done this weekend. I'm off now to write the life of Kate.

Thanks for riding the roller coaster with me! I think the safety bar just went down...

ps Although it's 1 April, this blog is absolutely true.

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Anonymous said...

You should explain what a homestudy is! I have no idea!!