18 April 2006

quick notes

Cultural note: On our Easter Sunday, I noticed loads of people walking around with pussy willows. I asked a Russian friend whom I had dinner with what the significance was. She said that in Russia pussy willows are used instead of palms for Palm Sunday. The people bring them to church and they are "baptized". Then are then used throughout the service and taken home afterwards. I'm looking forward to participating in this tradition next year!

Life note: I've been informed that I'm being evicted from my palace. Sigh. I've worked hard to make 11 Millyonaya home this year and have succeeded rather well. Granted, the flat IS too big for me. So, the school is moving me...to *9* Millyonaya! I haven't seen the flat yet, but it's right next door. The outside certainly isn't as nice, but in St. P you can't judge a building by it's exterior. (Well, sometimes you can, but it's best not to.) My new flat will have two bedroom, two bathroom a very small kitchen and a round living room! I'll tell you all about it once I see it...

Phyical note: It's light so much longer!! Last night I walked home from a friend's flat at 9 p.m. and it was just twilight. The Neva has melted. It's been sort of wiggly and causing lots of sunlit sparkles. It looks like the river is as thrilled to be shaking off winter as the rest of us. Since we always had snow from Halloween to Easter growing up in Colorado, it feels like it's time for spring now that Easter has passed. Thankfully, the Russian weather is indulging me!

Language note: My Russian teacher says I have a very good ear! Now that "Wizard" is over, I'm back at my lessons twice a week. I'm looking forward to summer and greater opportunities to make a fool of myself as I attempt this difficult language. (Hopefully, I won't have to fall back on my usual means of communication--I speak pantomime excellently.)

Adoption note: I've completed all my education courses and have filled out most of my paperwork. I'm now waiting for the state of Virginia to send me some certified birth certificates and the state of Ohio to send my child abuse clearance. I also have to go to the consulate (perhaps tomorrow) to have my fingerprints taken and then submitted to the FBI. I still haven't signed with an agency, but am close.

Since this adoption will likely take about a year, I can't help wondering if my daughter is just coming into the children's home now. (She would have to be available to Russian families for nine months before being available for international adoption. This would be the latest she could realistically be entering a "Dvetsky Dom" or children's home.) She may have been there since birth, or she may just now be entering a strange new world. When I eat, I pray that she is fed. When I get dressed, I pray that she is warm and clothed. When I go to sleep, I pray that she is safe and loved and that she knows I'm coming. She is very much in my heart already. Please join me in praying both for a smooth adoption and attachment process and for her while we wait.

Much love,


votemom said...

hi kate - my first time visiting your blog, but i have decided i will visit regularly.

may you know God's presence in a very real way today!

Anonymous said...

kate love your blog, just hearing about the neva river bring back fond memories, it was almost frozen when we were there in 2003....

thanks I will be a regular visiter to your blog if this is ok with you...