21 May 2006

Cinderella to Princess Leia

I have signed with an agency! I sent off stacks of notarized documents (okay, that's expensive over here--$30 each!!) and a healthy check to my new agency. They are a small, Christian adoption agency with much experience in Russia and Eastern Europe. I'm excited to have taken this new step!

After school is out, I'll head to Moscow to file an application for a visa for my new little one. While this can be done via post in the US, I have to do it in person. It will take two days--one to file and one to be fingerprinted.

Then, I fill out more paperwork and wait. While my agency doesn't think it will take that long, I'm still hoping for everything to be finalized in March 2007. That would allow my maternity leave to run into summer vacation. We all know how likely it is that my plans will pan out...so I'm flexible on that date. Flexible, but still HOPEful.

And, as far as signs go...all my students refer to the REAL "Star Wars" as "New Hope". (The middle-schoolers actually try to out-trivia me. Please.) I've always said "Star Wars" was the ultimate fairy tale. Here's to happy endings.

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Mike Stephenson said...

Hey Kate! Dropping by to say hello on your blog! I like the clock thingy. :) Wishing you nothing but happiness on this gigantic roller coaster ride we call adoption.